J Tizzle Muzic Presents: Daric Forrest “Never Should’ve” (Prod By J Tizzle)

Rarely do artists meet milestones as adeptly as Daric Forrest AKA Styles manages to do: not only is a man with the come-hither countenance that can put some of...

Rarely do artists meet milestones as adeptly as Daric Forrest AKA Styles manages to do: not only is a man with the come-hither countenance that can put some of his peers to shame, his music is as seasoned as its creator. One look at the cover tells you what’s inside; the soulful crooner is in full command on his latest cut “Never Should’ve” (Prod By J Tizzle), from the upcoming album “45.1972”. The nuances of love’s life cycle can take twists and turns in real life and in the studio booth, but Daric’s soothing, soulful croon and nimble nuances make all the difference in keeping it a smooth ride. Gossamer-type cloudiness, Forrest’s supple vocal cords and a post-orgasmic haze, followed by self-awareness ,are what fuel the gentle plea of “Never Should’ve”.

This is type of record that is the result of years of dedication to his craft. “Never Should’ve” may be the pinnacle of that journey thus far, delivered with the confidence of a music vet.

Don’t worry about Daric regressing into trappy beats or adding a flavor-of-the-month rapper to the track to generate buzz. He clearly doesn’t need gimmicks to justify his art. Daric Forrest’s confident enough in his abilities to create a record on his terms – mature, soulful and true to his core sound.

There’s more to Daric, than toe-curling, hand-holding and post-coital cuddle time on “Never Should’ve” (Prod By J Tizzle) as he affronts the pain of losing someone close to his heart. It is a diagnoses set to audio about the demise of a relationship he badly wants to keep alive, knowing that he bears responsibility for the position he finds himself in:

“I never should have walked away from you, and I never should have put my hands on you. And I never should have said I hate you. And I want it back,” sings Forrest. His vocals finding new energy among the layered harmonies, and the smooth, inviting arrangement perfectly suited for Daric’s tone.

If you aren’t compelled to emote while listening to “Never Should’ve” (Prod By J Tizzle) you’re in urgent need of a soul transplant. It’s a record that has substance, thanks to sturdy songwriting and a rock solid production by J Tizzle, who keeps things mellow, but never melodramatic, allowing Daric Forrest the space he needs to develop the melody to its logical conclusion. With its smooth vocals, and authentic artistry, the track is an aural treat for every true R&B fan out there.

MORE ABOUT: Daric Forrest, who comes from a family with 14 siblings, began noticing his love of music at the tender age of 3, and started singing along to songs that came on the radio. As the years progressed Daric began gracing the stages, winning contests and finding his songwriting flair.

Eventually moving to Atlanta, he caught his first break when he ran into Cameo’s lead singer, Larry Blackman; who offered to take Daric on the road with him and his band. Daric subsequently made appearances at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, the Stone Family Picnic in Washington DC, the Arts and Crafts Festival in Boston, and many more.

Daric has performed in Vegas alongside the B52s and War, and has also performed with and opened for many major acts such as Lakeside, The Dramatics, Will Downing, Jonathan Butler, Aretha Franklin. Daric has also had the pleasure of working with Stevie Wonder, Outkast, SOS Band, One Chance (Usher’s Group), and is currently working with TY and Morgan Westbrook at Blackhole Studios in Hollywood, CA. He is currently working on a new album and living in Los Angeles.


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