Ashley J: “Satisfied” EP leaves a powerful impact!

Multi-talented singer/songwriter, Ashley J is a University of North Texas Bachelor’s Degree graduate and a 3-time Billboard charting artist who has worked with the multi-platinum, as well as Grammy and Emmy-winning Narada Michael Walden on her single “Satisfied”. She has also had multiple singles top the European Independent Music Charts, and she has collaborated with many established producers, including Lucas & Adrian Rezza, Jamie Sellers, and Warwick Matthews. Now Ashley J has packaged all those winning elements into her five-track debut EP “Satisfied” which includes the chart-breaking tracks “Trapped”, “Unbreakable”, “Satisfied”, “Like You Used To” and “When I Come Home To You”.

The opening track, “Trapped” captures that gritty and fierce persona I always her deep at the core of Ashley J’s music. When she takes off during the first chorus, you’ll feel every emotion. I was like man, Ashley J means business. The song is relaxed in the way it is perfectly arranged but electrifying in the way it is executed.

Love the words. Love the concept. Love the dramatic production because it emphasizes the purpose of the track. With her addictive vocal flow and that versatile and meaningful music. This woman deserves more recognition for her art.

“Unbreakable” picks up the tempo and is all about self-empowerment and knowing when to say goodbye to the things that hurt and won’t uplift you. I love the gritty feeling that plunges in with the opening bass lines. Then once the melody hooks you, Ashley J leaps in with her skin-tingling vocals.

What I enjoy about her sound here, is not only the subtleness, where the song isn’t overdone with too instruments in the background, but I love her clarity and ability to connect on a simple level.

Notwithstanding the rhythmic EDM groove, “Satisfied” is a wonderfully sweet and romantic track. This song is already a fan favorite and is garnering lots of attention for its lavish electronic production, catchy hook, and groovy beat.

It gives you this warm, fuzzy feeling inside and you’ll keep listening and remembering it even after you close your eyes. This is the kind of song I want to hear playing on the radio. Something of clear purpose and substantial meaning.

“Like You Used To” has so much going for it, including straightforward, confrontational terms of what Ashley J wants in her relationship. You’ll love the backing adlibs, not to mention the understated energy that derives from every aspect of the song. It’s a powerful but intimate track.

Invigorating. Thought-provoking. It gives you all the emotional feels you can think of, as the lyrics tug at your heart. I like how she makes the music playful, yet the words are less so. If anything, the changing-tempo arrangement is a smart take away from the sad ballad the song could have been instead.

“When I Come Home To You” provides a beautiful lyrical depth that is portrayed well by Ashley J. Her voice, partnered with emotion, is a force to be reckoned with on this track. It leaves a powerful impact and is one of her many songs that shows off the singer’s incredible vocal control and range.

With all the important producers and collaborators participating on this debut effort, it’s wonderful to see that the time and work all paid off. To see the confidence boost and growth in any artist is admirable, but to also love what they’re doing is something really special.

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