D47: “Love Hurts” – Beat vs. Beauty!

D47, is a German artist, music producer, rapper, and label owner who currently resides in Dusseldorf, Germany. Born in the city of Bochum in the North Rhine-Westphalia state, D47, who initially approached the keyboards, started making music at the age of 14. He has since gone on to produce for himself as well as many other artists. The artist, of both German and Spanish ancestry, who is also a keen practitioner of Kickboxing, has released his latest single “Love Hurts” via his Master-Records label. A quick run through the producer’s catalog on YouTube and it becomes clear that D47 has already matured and blossomed into a refined producer, concerned with better musicality and melody over festivals and club DJing.

The single “Love Hurts” not only showcases and clarifies D47’s unique identity, but also promises a number of directions he will continue to fully explore. In an over saturated “wait for the drop” dance market, D47 breathes new life into the rather stale EDM scene. He has essential tracks that you should find on any dance playlist.

Pressing play on any of the producer’s tracks, the listener finds themselves in an expert arrangement of voices, synths, pads, and percussion. And more than just occasionally they’ll find D47 handling the lead vocals as well, a rarity in the EDM game.

“Love Hurts” is one of those tracks where we can hear and see D47 in all his artistic glory – from production to performance. And the results, as usual are outstanding. Without doubt D47 is the one of the best double threats – producer and singer – in the EDM game I can currently think of. And I’m talking indie or major.

All electronic producers should seek to take a page out of D47’s book and spend the extra time to make music with a unique identity rather than racing to produce the next club banger that we will all be sick of within the week, or at the very latest, within the month.

On each release D47 creates high expectations for himself, which he promptly surpasses with every subsequent new release. The guy’s aesthetic is a bright and shiny electronic synth pop/EDM sound that breathes sunshine. Even in a melancholic love theme like “Love Hurts”, you can’t help but feel a warming glow building up inside of you. And perhaps that’s D47’s greatest asset – he makes emotional music that moves you.

D47 changes the state of EDM by infusing it with honest and substantial emotion that challenges the conceptions of beat vs. beauty in regards to the genre. Where before we had producer after producer creating random singles that are only listenable when mixed into a DJ set, D47 invites his listeners into an immersive world-building experience, and he completes the experience with stunning visuals to match his music. Just check out his YouTube channel for confirmation.



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