Loby: “Know You” and “Sorority Girl” finds his niche

Loby is an R&B singer from Long Island, New York. Heavily influenced by The Weeknd’s early music, 6lack, and Bryson Tiller, the upcoming artist has two singles out at the moment – “Know You” and “Sorority Girl”. We are inundated with new music from prominent artists, but often you may not hear of all the new names being brought up in the conversation. Loby, is a millennial crooner who is just as much trap as he is R&B.

He’s a great singer in his own right, but the talent truly resides in the way he phrases everyday situations in his music. He displays a knack for clever wordplay and pace, as he uses traditional sound, but provides a new age twist. Smooth vocals are laid over breathy and atmospheric soundscapes, as Loby goes between straight singing and sing-song rapping his verses, you get lost in his world.

Spacey sounds fill these two tracks, allowing Loby to shine. This creates an atmosphere for introspection and laid-back vibes as he digs deep into relationship intricacies. The slow burning, mellow beat on “Know You” is matched with head-nodding drums as he displays his vulnerability: “You never coming back with me, because I know you. Oh I know you. You think I really don’t, but I know you. See I’m crying too, after what we’ve been through.”

He follows up with: “I wish you knew everything that I’ve been through. You don’t know what I been through. I went far but you never really wanna stay true. Instead you decided to start lying, texting, cheating, fucking around with other guys…”

“Know You” works on a number of levels. Whether it’s a vindictive moment or being all up in the feels, the song resonates with emotion. For hopeless or disillusioned romantics who are trappers at heart, this is their soundtrack. The R&B vibe does it for Loby. He’s found his niche, his pocket, and he’s running with it. That’s him being true to himself and it’s what makes him happy.

The proof is in the next track, “Sorority Girl”. He has a way with his voice here that seems to just float along on top of the track like butter, making it sound so easy. The cinematic-type production provides a platform for Loby to get out all of his effects-infused lyrical motives.

Such a strong song could set up Loby to only improve from here, but damn has he already set the bar high for himself. But that’s the beauty of where music is today. His talents as a vocalist will cause a few heartbeats to skip and his ability to weave some light rapping into his artistry will help keep him relevant, but he also has a gift for setting mood and tone with his voice.

Loby has a style that is simple but effective, and he has crafted an approach that works well within this era of combining rapping and singing. A combination of nostalgic soul, modern production aesthetics, and an approach to songwriting from the vantage point of a pertinent millennial gives him the perfect perspective to rise through the ranks.


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