Peter Barr: “Best One Of Them All” – the most human emotion of all – love!

Review by Jacob Aiden

Peter Barr is a brilliant song writer, story teller, artist, vocalist and musician. Can you tell I am a fan? It is just so refreshing to see a person who seems to live and breathe the experiences he shares through his art and gifts. He is raw, honest, transparent and willing to make his personal evolution, the ups and downs and lessons we all go through in life – a labyrinth of soulful expression that ultimately benefits the many. His music affirms not only life and a willingness to embrace it with an open heart, but his latest single, “Best One Of Them All”, celebrates everything we love and appreciate about this artist.

The song is mellow ode to love, yet really profound with insight, metaphor and thoughtful imagery that invites the listener into a deeper reflection of existence and relationships.  I am grateful for the space Peter Barr and his music occupies on here, as he brings a greater universal vision of what we consider everyday occurrences, and often taking them for granted.

Relatable and mature, “Best One Of Them All” document Peter’s attempt at appealing to the most human emotion of all – love. Here he adopts a more laid-back feel and chooses to have it fully acoustic. The end result we get is a breezy and hypnotic feel-good anthem, crafted in such an organic manner to bring calm and joy to your soul.

You can literally hear how much the music means to him, and his message of positivity emerges in such an authentic way that you can only expect it from the man alone. His formula of simplicity is one that could propagate him to the heights of much wider appeal, considering how much dense, complex and noisy music we deal with daily!

The words “…and when I go away dear, some part of me still stays here. Keep it with you in your heart, cause I promise you’re in mine too, and I’m always thinking of you…” accompanying his acoustic guitar and the steel pan interludes, are simple, but truly heartfelt nonetheless. And when accompanied by the lovely rhythm, all that’s left to feel is the soothing vibe emanating from the music in that infectious manner that Peter seems to have mastered.

The track certainly does highlight the use of beautiful acoustic tones, perfectly aligned with the atmospheric theme and song narrative. This storytelling style of songwriting is essentially a celebration of all things beautiful in life and love, bringing us to a place where Peter Barr is able to find his inner peace.

On “Best One Of Them All”, the singer-songwriter takes the path of universality and simplicity, while abundantly avoiding the trap between vagueness and abstract emotion, as he delivers sensitivity and heartwarming intimacy.

Whatever your judgment may be, there’s no denying that Peter Barr continues to be inspiring in his own way, not just in terms of music, but with his positive perspectives expressed through his compositions.

MORE ABOUT: Peter Barr is a musical artist whose focus is rhythm and harmony. His passion for drumming and music led him from his Midwestern roots in Chicago to NYC where he now resides. He can be seen performing regularly and recording with some of NYC’s finest musical talents such as, Paul Beaubrun, Bohio Musik, and his own band featuring bassist Francis Mbappe and drummer Jojo Kuo. Peter also plays drums for Dance classes, Ceremonies, and teaches drumming and music. On his 1st LP, “On The Inside” he is featured singing and playing steel pans and drums, with Anthony Cedras, Jojo Kuo, and Ukranian bassist Dimitri Ishenko.


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