Kell-teQ: “IT’S ON” – strength and determination!

The single “IT’S ON” by Kell-teQis a true testament to his talent. You can listen to this 4 minute recording expecting witty metaphors a hypnotizing array of lyrics, but more than anything else, realness that radiates from each bar. The Guyana South America, now Brooklyn NY based artist, steps up his pen game a few notches and the production is definitely tight. No one can deny Kell-teQ has heart and realness in this pool of superficial artists in Hip-Hop, and let’s face it, the dude does have the lyrical ability, creativity and conceptual diversity necessary to take his seat at the table. The guy definitely deserves props for his uncanny ability to knock up a solid instrumental and the difficult task of writing a catchy song. Kell-teQ has a bright future in Hip-Hop, and we expect him to deliver a classic sounding album sometime soon, based on the evidence here.

The rap game these days is almost a joke. If you follow east coast hip-hop then by now you’re probably used to the feeling of disappointment. Whether it’s because your favorite rapper’s release keeps getting pushed back into oblivion or they deliver a water-down final product which completely contradicts the reason why you liked them in the first place.

These days it seems like the best material comes from artists you don’t know yet, or you’re almost not even paying attention to, and a perfect example of that is Kell-teQ.

I’ve always felt that on the get go, when artist makes a track for public consumption it should be personal and bring us insight into his life, explicitly detailing both the up and downs of their trials and aspiration’s. This instantly gives new fans the ability to understand if they can relate to the artist.

Thankfully Kell-teQ manages to follow this trend with “IT’S ON”. The final product is a phenomenal track, one that perfectly portrays Kell-teQ’s strength and determination to make something out of his life, the hunger in his voice alone is enough to draw listeners into his shoes and get behind him as a grinder focused on making it.

Kell-teQ was completely off my radar before, but he has successfully won me over with this intense track. The underground has been searching for a new Hip-Hop savior for some time.

Someone who can shine through the haziness and hipster moodiness to represent the genre on a national level isn’t easy to find, but fans are ready to support what they believe is a real dude making real music. And on that note Kell-teQ can hitch his wagon to the clutch of rising stars aiming for the throne.


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