Tay Campbell: “With Me” – Lush and Reflective

Monte’ Omar Campbell aka Tay Campbell was born on the 8th of November 1988 in the city of Los Angeles, California. Shortly after birth, his parents decided to relocate and raise Monte, the middle child along with his four siblings to the high desert of Inland Empire. Tay Campbell found an interest in singing all through his teens. “I kept singing all the time. It felt right and deep down inside I knew I was in my element,” says Tay. Eventually he found took the decision to live his dream and passion, and released his very first single, “Netflix & Chill” in the early part of 2016, which was followed by his debut EP release “Memoirs of Love” at the beginning of 2017. Roughly about the same time he dropped his smash hit cover rendition of “iSpy” by Kyle featuring Lil Yachty. Now in 2018 we find his most recent release, the single “With Me”.

Fueled by “With Me”, Tay Campbell indulges fans with his smooth R&B style and vocals, powered with his theme of love and passion. Throughout the track, Tay expresses his feelings on true love and explaining why being with him would be the best choice to make.

Tay delivers a mature sound in which fans will be appreciative of. His account of making the right choice in relationships, makes the song relatable to many who have experienced the same, male or female. With a catchy falsetto hook to accompany it, this song will definitely be a repeat on every playlist.

R&B is about sensuality and exploring emotion with a sense of delicacy and subtlety. Lushly, and clearly reflective, “With Me” is a particularly distinct statement, defined both by its sound and vibe.  It’s a track that leaves you with an array of emotions, but most importantly it leaves you yearning for more.

 Tay Campbell delivers grade A vocals, painting himself to be the perfect match for the lady in question. A production standout, the use of soft warm pads, rhythmic percussion, and a touch of malicious low bass make this record fantastic ear candy.

This song is so catchy it could play in your mind all day. It is groovy, and smooth, while the words are pensive and crafty. In an era where the lane that supports R&B and the one that supports hip hop have crossed into one highway of bumper to bumper traffic, it is always refreshing to get a record that safely cruises down one genre. I am a huge R&B fan and at a time when the genre is kind of mostly taking a back seat in the music world. I am glad Tay Campbell is keeping a part of it alive.


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