Deltiimo & Marley Blandford “On My Own Again” – Another Sizzling Anthem!

Whomever he works with, the message is undeniably clear: progressive, electronic pop anthem. Gary Louca, leader of the project better known as Deltiimo, is a UK DJ/Producer, who could be ranked and compared to many industry heavyweights. Based on an original Bradon Grobler song, his latest release is entitled “On My Own Again”, which finds Deltiimo working with Marley Blandford and Bradon Grobler. Together they produced two mixes of the song – a radio and extended club version – to keep you singing and dancing to this EDM anthem. On much of Deltiimo’s latest releases much attention is paid to the quick and sharp details of lightly layered chord progressions that move the music along effortlessly. Much of the synthetic structures are delicately in higher octaves, giving the tracks an effervescent quality, like we could almost take flight with them.

Marley Blandford

It keeps you on your toes. And you can bet you’ll be on your feet with “On My Own Again”, an insanely anthemic, pop inspired dance track that’s got all the right stuff. It moves in and out of uplifting chord progressions and colloquial rhythm patterns, appealing to both mainstream and underground aesthetics.

This puts Marley Blandford, a singer-songwriter, as well as guitarist and pianist, from Portsmouth, perfectly in his comfort zone. He is able to put his voice through its paces, as he slides through the highs and lows soaking up all the building emotion the music insinuates.

Lauded by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Matt Cardle (X Factor Winner), Marley Blandford has received BBC Radio 2 airplay for his single “Feel The Rain”, which features a brass section written with Martyn Ford (The Beatles, Bob Marley, Phil Collins), as well as live performance slots on the BBC Introducing Live Lounge, Wave 105, Capital & Heart to name a few. His TV debut on BBC One led to opening shows for Christina Perri and Lawson, playing to thousands of people.

A veteran of dance music before EDM was even a thing, Deltiimo has always been able to walk an enviable tightrope between musical worlds. He can create a common ground between a house fan and a progressive raver.

The cover artwork

Deltiimo has a real understanding of how dance music culture works, along with the necessary pop savvy to pull off mainstream tracks like “On My Own Again”. He’s worked extra-hard at maintaining his profile over the past year, and it has paid off in dividends.

His collaboration with Dutch producer Bradon Grobler has been especially prolific, forging tracks such as “Look to the Stars”, “Welcome To The Real World” and “Now Sing Out Loud”, all of which hit the N°1 spot on the USA Kings of Spins Charts.

The latest, “On My Own Again” has been filling up USA DJ playlists, and has also already hit N° 1 on Kings of Spins. It proves that Deltiimo is an inventive producer who is continuously moving forward with a winning formula.

The best part of almost any Deltiimo production is their uncanny ability to grow on you, stick in your head and stay there to the point that you just might find yourself humming the melody or bassline in the elevator, on the subway or pretty much anywhere you can think of. And “On My Own Again” rises to the occasion, this time with the help of the talents of Marley Blandford and Bradon Grobler.


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