Dynamos: “Stainless” – vibrancy and emotion!

The American rock band Dynamos have released their brand new single, “Stainless,” on April 20, 2018 to all online retail outlets worldwide. This is a follow-up to their previous singles “Shake, Rattle and Roll” and “Knowledge” which have been capturing fan and media attention worldwide. The California-based group, also released the accompanying music video, one week ahead of the single release. This is a unique performance video, as the studio version of “Stainless” is replaced with the version recorded live during the video shoot. Dynamos is led by front woman and lead vocalist, Nadia E, who is accompanied by Nick Schaadt (music director, bass), Jacob Mayeda (lead guitar), Ian Nakazawa (drums), and Carlos Barrera (lead guitar).

For those who wondered whether Dynamos were a flash in pan, wonder no more. “Stainless” surpasses their previous releases. Melding modern rock’s lush instrumentals with traditional rock’s emotional intensity, Nadia E and the boys craft a sound that should appeal to a wide cross-section of listeners.

The message is simple and clear from the opening bars of the song: “We’re charged and raring to go!” And it doesn’t take long for the Dynamos to remind people that no one else does what they do.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that guitarists Mayeda and Barrera are virtuosos on stringed instruments, while Nick Schaadt shows his bass playing chops in tandem with Nakazawa’s foot-stomping excitement on drums. Nadia E’s powerful bluesy wail is capable of filling up just about any venue to the rafters.

Her blend gritty folksy-ness and soulful bluesy-ness will rightfully earn her comparisons to many of her more famed peers…until of course she eventually surpasses them. Something I imagine to happen in the not too distant future, if she and the band keep their momentum going.

Nadia E proves that she is a force all her own as she tears through the lyrics with verve and urgency. Right by her side, Jacob Mayeda’s lead guitar is firing on all cylinders, scaling a set of notes that fly off the fretboard like burning embers into the night.

All the while the intensity of the rest of the band is constantly palpable. The Dynamos’ brand of musical firepower will undoubtedly send more than a few new fans to track them down on video and digital download platforms.

Dynamos display a focused level of clear-eyed purpose and here-and-now urgency on “Stainless”. If you’re looking for room thumping, full frontal rock n’ roll, listen up. This is a club band at heart, but also much more. Beyond the pounding, full-bodied sound is the writing, and it is good, very good.

Together, the music, the lyrics and the captivating diva-like Nadia E, deliver a spectrum portrait of raw emotion. Dynamos showcase a pulsating message of vibrancy and emotion which straddles the lines of rock’s boundaries. They not only fulfill, but surpass their promise on each new release!


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