Derek Homer: “Glory” – diving in deep into Christ’s world

For me, Derek Homer is the perfect music to listen to when you’re being productive. It’s upbeat and energetic, giving you energy to get things done, yet at the same time it’s soothing and relaxing. His latest single “Glory” is a reminder to all his fans and first-time listeners about his own glorious all-in behavior when it comes to following Christ, and how we all should just dive in deep into Christ’s word and promises, even if we may feel afraid or hesitant about the consequences.

Right from the first drum kick and guitar strum, Derek delivers a poignant and motivational message of living whole-heartedly abandoned for Christ, as he speaks directly to the Lord, reminding us how it is our call as Christians to be witnesses and evangelists right where we are. That we can speak to Him and deepen our relationship with Him. A bold song and certainly a fitting single release.

Derek Homer’s sound is distinct and his lyrics rich. When listening you clearly can feel the words spoken from his own life which many of us can relate to in different ways. This track doesn’t disappoint in reflecting on and in God’s mercy, goodness, and love. Derek’s exploration of a concept is a commendable aspect of his music, but the best part of “Glory” is what he always forges in his releases: the ability to craft a catchy tune, and the quality of his vocals.

You’ll hear organic drum hits, sweeping strings and pads. You’ll hear the layered electric guitar work and solid, catchy acoustic riffs as well, and there is a subtle electronic side that has been peppered in which adds a nice, modern feel. “Glory” is a solid record of the highest quality, where the musicianship, arrangement and substance is excellent. Derek Homer’s work can be applauded.

His ability to make relatable music, while finding creative ways to bring the truly universal values of love, respect and faith to his tracks is commendable and definitely inspiring. He seems able to make a very strong connection with his Savior, his fans and casual listeners alike.

MORE ABOUT: Born to Trinidadian parents, Derek Homer was raised in a Christian home attending and serving in his local church as a young boy. Derek was introduced to music at an early age by his father’s involvement in the Notting Hill Carnival. He started playing the piano at the age of six, and successfully won a scholarship to attend music school at ten, finally graduating from university with a Bachelor of Music Performance and Composition.

Though remaining involved in the Notting Hill Carnival, scoring and arranging music for local and international artists, Derek had followed a career in the IT industry. In 2006 though, he was hugely impacted by the depth and passion of the music and worship he discovered at the Hillsong Church London. After serving as a volunteer he later joined their worship team as a piano/keyboard player, and subsequently started writing songs dedicated to his passion for faith and worship.


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