Sulay: “M.V.P.” bring his own flavor to the table

Based out of Los Angeles, up and coming artist, Sulay, is a 21 year old rapper, whose melodic rap sound is inspired by the likes of Playboi Carti, Divine Council and Awful Records. Between ass-shaking hooks and references to stacking money quick we get the sense that Sulay is fully embracing the fast life and all that comes with it. His track “M.V.P.” follows in the same vein, worshipping at the temple of opulence, money and women, but with Sulay’s smooth an unpredictable delivery and natural penchant for showboating, it never becomes stale. That isn’t to say that there isn’t room for a bit more nuance – there’s plenty for it, because if we’re being honest there’s only so many times you can creatively discuss sex and cash? Well if you’re Sulay you’ll find endless ways to discuss any pleasurable vices!

However, the track offers an unexpected one-two-punch, with homogeneous subject matter. The melody is as luxurious and incandescent as the song’s beat, and Sulay delivers verses with an easy playfulness that highlights admirable lyrical dexterity, and a sense of mischief. In truth, singles like “M.V.P.”, contribute to the rapper’s growing mystique. It communicates his casual flirtations with hedonistic activities while feeling universally applicable.

And like his mind frame, the project exists on the edge of contemporary hip-hop and something more futuristic. It’s in that place where Sulay is able to play with his own demons. The artist unloads his fantasies via a myriad of downtempo sounds and vocal cadences.  His laid-back and steadily paced delivery and flow are the bones of this record. Ultimately, it’s just as much about the vibe as it is about lyrical ability, when it come to this style of music.

“M.V.P.” embodies a generation of modern artists and fans whose affinity for a wide-array of genres birthed a movement of music that flaunts aspects of electronic, trap, pop and hip-hop. Is it a wholesome embodiment of the rap genre? The question is, why should it be? Rap has infiltrated every other genre during the last few years and is now ready to absorb some of the others. In fact, Sulay’s colorful influences come together to create an entertaining record.

This fusion of styles is prominent on the track, as Sulay stretches his voice and flow on these slower paced raps to create a melodic pop sound. In the same space, his animated lyrics drop us deep down into his hazy subconscious. One thing that always impresses me with these new crop of rappers is the infectious energy that each one brings to the table.

Between Lil Yacthy, XXXTENTACION, and Playboi Carti, the genre of hip hop is heading towards a more quirky style of music. Their music is so eccentric and freaky that it’s hard to even put a specific genre on their styles.  Now freshman Sulay steps up to the plate ready to bring his own flavor to the table with “M.V.P.”.


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