Trae Morris: “The Door” a sultry, intoxicating groove

Wow…where to begin? As a musician, music lover, and music reviewer, I can say, without reservation, that “The Door” ranks with some of the most sincere, genuine, and extraordinary...

Wow…where to begin? As a musician, music lover, and music reviewer, I can say, without reservation, that “The Door” ranks with some of the most sincere, genuine, and extraordinary R&B and Souls music I’ve heard recently. I’ve just listened to the track for the umpteenth time and I am simply overwhelmed by what Trae Morris and his crew have produced. This is music for musicians, music for those who really appreciate the craft, yet also for those who simply enjoy music for the sake of being entertained.  “The Door” a sultry, intoxicating groove with the kind of subtle musicianship with stark instrumentation that hits you straight between the eyes. Trae’s amazing voice meshes so well with the funky strummed guitar, atop the subtle finger-snapping beat.

Trae Morris is one of the few R&B artists that has preserved the legacy of music that has substance and timelessness to it. He is one of only a hand full of artists today who has this kind of talent, and appeal, to capture the ear of the very discriminating listener for good music.

That which is commercially appealing isn’t necessarily good, we know this based on what is out there today. Trae, is carrying the torch for what I consider real music, if you know what I mean.

Powerful, focused lyrics; a sparse, sultry groove and a hushed, yet hypnotic voice – Trae Morris is an exact opposite of what many of today’s hit makers embody. And what he proves with his latest release, is that he doesn’t have to employ an army of auto-tuning super-producers and glittery guest appearances to make a compelling track.

Heck, he doesn’t even need a full band arrangement to back him up. Trae’s ability through voice is definitely a gift to relish. He is indeed a suave crooner.

Trae Morris is guaranteed to rev up your engine with this track, and keep it running. As much as this is the era of rejuvenated R&B, very few artistes are taking the risk of not having a rap feature or heavy hip hop influences on their releases.

Trae Morris not only risks it all by not having a feature on his record, but he also performs on a stark naked musical backdrop. This is the hallmark of a super confident entertainer in full command of his artistic range and reach.

MORE ABOUT TRAE MORRIS: Born in Mississippi and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina Trae Morris is an independent R&B artist who launched his career in 2014 when he signed with vHIZions Management for artist development; releasing his debut single “Deeper.” After relocating to Atlanta in 2015, Morris aligned with the JP Agency, who connected Morris with the trio known as Those Guys Music, comprised of singer/songwriters Amore Jones, Steven Ashley, and Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Jeremiah Adkins.

Those Guys Music produced the 2016 track “End the Night”, written by Dee Perrine. Immediately, after the release of the single and music video, Trae Morris got back in the studio with Those Guys Music, resulting in the release of his first single in almost two years “The Door,” which is the first track from his upcoming debut EP, “Subconscious,” set to release late summer ’18.


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