Nicole C ft. Marisa Frantz: “Desperately Miss You” – a poignant piece

“Desperately Miss You” is the first single release from the artist compilation album “Chained in my own Mind”. The song was written by Nicole C and features Marisa Frantz...

“Desperately Miss You” is the first single release from the artist compilation album “Chained in my own Mind”. The song was written by Nicole C and features Marisa Frantz on vocals and the violin. It showcases a cinematic dreamscape of hushed tones, soft pianos, moody strings, and ethereal voices. All of which actually add nicely to the mystique of the record. It helps too, that Frantz has one of the most alluring voices in underground music.

Close your eyes, sit back, and play at full volume. Let the beautiful harmony, gorgeous melody, and wonderfully eerie string and piano sounds engulf you into a dream world of love and yearning: “How could I ever forget those eyes? I still tremble when your face crosses my mind. How could I ever forget your touch? I’m still dying at your deadly fingertips.”

Nicole C’s musical palette is kept minimal in instrumental breadth but immense in atmospheric depth, with the celestial concession to Marisa Frantz’s dance oeuvre amidst the maudlin strings and sparse piano accompaniment. Frantz’s rich, luxurious vocals are as exquisitely evocative as ever, full of enigmatic luster and breathless sensual potency.

On this luminously beautiful arrangement, she conveys a vivid, dreamlike nostalgia against a backdrop of sumptuous Nicole C piano flourishes. Together they channel this haunting, poignant soundtrack to a stately paean of lost love.

“Desperately Miss You” is a defiantly uncommercial track, and self-consciously mature in its approach. It is the sound of someone intoxicated by love’s giddy, infectious euphoria, while at the same time feeling like the sobering reality check of missing someone, and describing it in an intimate fireside confessional which weaves its spell on you with a slow-burning intensity, seducing the listener by stealth. The offers up a gateway into the mind of Nicole C as she takes listeners to her innermost sentimental thoughts.

With every twist and turn, “Desperately Miss You” grows stronger in narrative and composition. It’s a thought-provoking record, saved for the hours just before dawn, when everything’s still, life only dwells, and fantasies feel comparable.

The song’s aesthetic is striking; its piano-driven arrangement nudges up alongside the atmospheric, gently played violin, where Marisa Frantz’s voice is given plenty of space in which to seduce the listener.

It makes a powerful case for Nicole C working at the top of her game not only in the soundscape but in lyrics too, and finding a perfect voice to carry the project through. This is real music, by real people, dealing in real emotion.


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