D47: “Get It Fast” has all the essentials of a certified hit!

Germany’s EDM god D47, has done it again with his new studio release “Get It Fast”. It is undeniable that his catalog of hypnotic songs are truly unclassifiable. The artist,...

Germany’s EDM god D47, has done it again with his new studio release “Get It Fast”. It is undeniable that his catalog of hypnotic songs are truly unclassifiable. The artist, music producer, rapper, and label owner, who currently resides in Dusseldorf, makes music that is just too good to put into one box. His heart-thumping tunes are just as impressive in the club as they are on the Top40 or your bedroom headphones. This latest track makes yet another human connection with listeners and takes them on an entertaining journeys that intersects in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of sensual metamorphosis. The accompanying video, currently racking up the views on YouTube, stunningly captures this essence.

We see D47 as a cop on his daily grind surrounded by beautiful women and dangerous situations. And once again his killing it with quality work you’d expect from the major labels. Instead this is another Master-Records production, which proves that indie labels can bring the heat.

The video production displays true big budget quality, with excellent editing, lighting, props and choice of location. Visuals are usually the independent musician’s Achilles tendon. It’s probably the one sector that has the most difficulty in rivalling major label output.

Be it because of the budget, the limited expertise, the lack of equipment, or just all round creativity without outsourcing. Instead D47 has worked his way around all of these obstacles to produce a superb eye-catching spectacle which has already been drawing significant attention to itself.

Of course like all visuals, a lot of its communicative success depends on the audio, and this is where D47 excels in his craft. “Get It Fast” really needs no explanation and leaves one wondering ‘where can I get that?’

It has all the essentials of a certified hit. It’s easy to get lost in the spiral of this song’s soulful hook, as D47 delivers the knockout blows with his steady flow and sharp wordplay. You have to keep shaking your head to remind yourself that this guy is actually German speaking.

On this track D47 goes into his bag of tricks and creates an enlightening, cinematic soundscape filled with soft pianos, warm pads and a thumping drum that achieves in 5 minutes, what most underground artists strive for in decades.

His distinct style, consistently well-received and reviewed, has attained a level of affirmation that will eventually outshine many of his peers. D47 is much more than your average electronic artist/producer simply looking to feed listeners party animal instincts.

His music also inhabits a place of emotion and intelligence, giving listeners the opportunity to sink deeper into each precious moment of every bar. “Get It Fast” is an essential addition to D47’s discography and videography.


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