LyriczMuzic: “Time Tells All” – a coherent narrative

LyriczMuzic is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist out of Albuquerque, NM. The rapper incorporates the modern sound of Hip-Hop with the soothing vibes of R&B and the deep lyricism side of Spoken Word. He has opened for some major Old School artists locally including Afu-Ra, Born Divine of Wu-Tang, and Tash of Tha Alkoholiks. There have been 2 mixtape releases from LyriczMuzic. 2016’s ‘Coffee & Conversation’ which was a full length tape featuring 13 tracks, and ‘This Ones For You’ that was dropped early 2017, containing 6 tracks. Now the artist has dropped his latest single, entitled “Time Tells All”. LyriczMuzic’s conspicuous confidence in his art is arresting, especially among other underground rappers of his generation. At times it almost feels like he’s playing with one hand behind his back, just because he can.

His palpable sense of responsibility is matched by his slick but convincing critiques of hip-hop’s culture of conspicuous consumption, emotional shallowness and projecting a persona you’re not: “Time will tell if they’re gonna love you or not. Keep it real they might trust you, they might not. If we build we can end up with a lot.”

It’s very easy to believe LyriczMuzic is in the game principally for his art. Yet the hustler in him wants to be number one, and if his next album release is to explode properly, he’ll be ready to apply his elegant and unflinching style to stories well beyond his own.

“Time Tells All” is less about beating his chest over his lyrical dexterity and more about highlighting the various angles to his style. This is LyriczMuzic’s opportunity to showcase his diversity. While some of his previous releases were his moments to prove his talent, this latest track is the celebration of it.

Of course, no LyriczMuzic project is without tons of introspection. Most artists struggle with creating a reasonable message embedded within the backdrop of an eclectic beat, but LyriczMuzic creates a profound one and does so with finesse.

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that he has always been surefooted in riding the brunt of the production on his projects, so he knows how to work around the beats and make it match exactly what he’s trying to say.

This song marks a significant improvement in the complexity and depth of LyriczMuzic’s work. He questions the intentions of those around him, while attempting to avoid the temptations that come with grinding for fame and money. But he knows he has to compromise and make sacrifices to achieve his goals, especially as he has set them high.

Time Tells All (Prod. Juno Adonis) marks a moment where LyriczMuzic consciously contemplates the issues that come between a personal life and a career in music, in an attempt to find a balance between the two and do what is right: “Dirt is building up, dust around my house. Put my occasion aside, bitch I’m trying to write my rhymes, get my fucking dollars up. I’ve been broke too fucking much. Going sideways on the ride, on occasion going up. Have I set my ups too much…”

LyriczMuzic personalizes this theme as he attempts to better himself, paralleling his struggle to make music true to his heart, in light of personal pressures that call for difficult decisions. Ultimately, this track not only works as a coherent narrative between ambition and repentance, but also as a testament to LyriczMuzic’s dedication both as an artist and also as a father.


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