Mr. BluSkY: “Alive” (feat. ficttion) – an intense, immersive experience

Mr. BluSkY is described as a regular guy from a small town in Ohio, USA. He just graduated college at North Central State College as a Graphic Design major,...

Mr. BluSkY is described as a regular guy from a small town in Ohio, USA. He just graduated college at North Central State College as a Graphic Design major, and is making music to accompany art pieces which can add tone or feeling to them. One of the artist’s latest tracks is “Alive” (feat. ficttion) which listens like a living saga of its narrator’s restless moments: emotions are thinly veiled, intent is a second-thought, motifs quickly enter and abandon the track like a fleeting dream, and the barrier is broken between performer and listener. Relying on no actual lyricism, Mr. BluSkY arguably does it better. No names are exchanged or an entire word uttered, but still we as listeners feel entangled within the dark exploits “Alive” (feat. ficttion).

Commencing with a series of eerie sound effects, senses are immediately perked; as the synth waves grow darker a forbidden essence begins to envelop the track, and as the melody comes to the fore, the listener becomes numb to the larger world and hypnotized within the intimacy of the piano and percussion. This is one of those tracks that just take you from where you are to where you should…or should not be, as it’s also a little intimidating and spine-chilling.

Mr. BluSkY recreates the human experience through collectively visceral soundscapes. The piano arrangement and synth ambiance of “Alive” (feat. ficttion), encapsulates the unnerving ambiguity of what at first seems like a simple, straightforward title. He is one of the gifted few who can imbue his machines with tangible warmth and genuine emotion, whether they are tempting you into the tenebrous or offering you a moment of sedentary reflection.

Even though the blueprint here is simple enough, the end product is far huger than the sum of its parts– the main reason “Alive” (feat. ficttion) is such an easy track to get lost in. The song grows, evolves, thrives, eventually succumbing to growling technicism that inadvertently erases its humanity.  It underscores a stark anxiety, then captures a sort of fleeting pleasure that devolves into something suddenly portentous and uncomfortable.

The melancholy section which gives the impression of a slow, pretty, yet standard affair, toys with the false sense of security with soft piano keys and echoing ambience before the first swathes of bass and electronica start to seep in. The real curveball is thrown in the last thirty seconds though, and it hits right between the eyes. Goodbye piano, and hello nail-biting dub, and head-screwing synths that twist and tear at any form of rhythm and melody.

I’m not sure which piece of art – it may even be the cover artwork – this single is supposed to accompany, considering the producer’s declared intentions with his music, but with “Alive” (feat. ficttion), Mr. BluSkY constructs an intense, immersive experience designed to be a psychological journey. Listening on headphones in private, the music on this track certainly makes a strong impact.


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