Lindsey Todd: “Foolish and Fearless” will have a broad appeal

Lindsey Todd is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter, and a recent college graduate who currently works for a Fortune 500 company. Lindsey released her first album of traditional Christmas carols, “Glory To The Newborn King” when she was 14. And it has reached sales of nearly 30,000 copies since its initial distribution. June 2018 sees the release of her album “Road Trip”, which blends her country roots with pop embellishments.  The first single lifted from the album is “Foolish and Fearless”, which narrates the tale of how boys grow into men, and finally husbands, including all the contradictions experienced in that lifetime process. “Foolish or Fearless” is currently ranked #11 in Europe on the Hotdisc Top 40 chart.

The song’s title is a profound philosophical principal few people even consider and fewer still understand, yet through personal experience or artistic intuition, Lindsey Todd has thoroughly grasped the concept of the growing man.

By all accounts “Foolish and Fearless” should catapult Lindsey Todd to the top of the pop and country heap, as well. It’s very nearly a flawless record – a big-hearted uplifting love anthem with a catchy melody, and chiming pop-radio guitars.  Though they’re written by a young lady, Lindsey’s songs have a broad appeal, and therein lies the genius and accessibility of her latest effort.

But she also has the personality and poise to make this song hit as hard as a gem. Not only do we assume most Top 40 starlets aren’t doing their own singing anymore – we’ve accepted it, art and integrity be damned. Now here’s a young lady who does her own thing, honestly.

Her lyrics are plain, even conversational. Nothing highbrow or fancy. Yet she brings you right there to where she is. They express feelings and ideas that ring true for someone feeling their way through the days of learning about love, relationships and growing up into a responsible and caring adult. It also helps that she has a voice one can listen to over and over again.

She is a great singer with silky, smooth pipes who can turn gutsy on a single note. What is very special, however, is the clarity, simplicity, honesty and accuracy of her songwriting. Lindsey Todd is clearly talented and pretty, and seems to be a very wholesome young lady.

I believe Lindsey is going to continue to get better with age and experience. In reality she is only getting started, notwithstanding her already long experience in music. It’s good to have a wholesome entertainer who stays clean throughout.

The girl is the real thing though and one of the few of the new generation who’s making good music which is not over-produced to the point where you can’t tell how much is really her and how much is slick production.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure if “Foolish and Fearless” was going to be good or not, considering the amount of manufactured starlets falling out of the closet in recent years. But now I know that it is marvelous.


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