Tillie Gya: “Time” – a slick and enjoyable listen!

Kwame Amankwa Prah, better known by his stage name Tillie Gya, is a recording artist and producer, born in Accra, Ghana. Growing up with influences from Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall music and with his music background from his father G.A.Prah (Gapohone Records) vibrating in his blood, he began to write and sing his own songs. His career officially began in 2009 after winning a talent show and releasing various singles. He eventually moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he faced a new life and culture, maintaining his ties to music. His latest release is the 12 track album “Time”. Tillie mixed and mastered the entire album while also producing 6 of the tracks himself.

Tillie Gya sounds like a certifiable underground star and his appeal is far more wide-ranging than you would at first expect. He has a characteristic way of launching into a fast paced rap whereby you know it’s him you are listening to and nobody else out there. He is distinctive, and that’s always a good quality to have if you want to make a lasting impact in the game.

He opens up the album with “Riddim Can’t Done” (Prod. by Rekesh), a playful tune with a tongue twisting verse. Tillie launches into one of his distinctive and grin inducing raps and really, you can’t help but smile. This music is uplifting, while his words are well rhymed and laser sequenced.

Elsewhere “Sing For Me” ft. D City is a track full of soul an swagger with some more great rap sequences and a cool melodic hook.  The other highlight on the album arrives with “Too Hot” (Prod. by Tillie Gya), which is a triumph, as Tillie marshals his vocals into a quick-fire rallying cry that’s effortlessly catchy.

Tillie Gya delivers a torrent of words in his rasping voice, and if you listen carefully to make out the lyrics you soon realize he puts together these rap sequences very well in terms of wordplay and tone.  By the time you hit play on “Wine For Me” (Prod. by Selector King Rebel) you understand that Tillie is different from some rap artists in that he’s not protesting, and there’s no overt phrases of violence in his words.

This man is giving you entertainment and a good time. This is music for the people. If you’re in search of surly beats and rhythm, you won’t be disappointed.

The playful and wonderful words continue with “Honey Love” (Prod. by Selector King Rebel) which includes a Tropical dancehall feel, while the title track “Time” (Prod. by Tillie Gya) , rides on a mid-tempo feel-good groove and Tillie’s gruff sandpaper flow.

The rapper flexes his musical muscles on “Money” ft. Clara Opoku & Blacknifisent (Prod.by Tillie Gya). Tillie who is able to meld audacious dancehall riddims with dance club flair while exploring an affinity for women and the good life, shows introspective side of himself on the organic sounding “Mama Nature” (Prod. by Tillie Gya).

Tillie manages to buoy both, “Shaame Ohame” (Prod. by Tillie Gya) and “Love Like Tattoo” (Prod. by Rekesh RD Music) with his trademark vocal exuberance and lyrical agility. All-round “Time” represents another bold step in Tillie Gya’s evolution as a creative artist. And the diehards who choose to remain loyal, as well as new fans, are in for a spry, mercurial ride.

Tillie’s ambition is always matched to his ability. And fans of throbbing club anthems are also well served as the able combinations of reggae flair and dancehall anarchy provide a slick and enjoyable listen.



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