FreshBillz: “A.T.O.S 2” – a roller-coaster ride of peaks and troughs

Maryland rapper FreshBillz, has just dropped his latest mixtape – A Taste Of Success or rather “A.T.O.S 2”. FreshBillz never stops working, he’s always trying to grow more as...

Maryland rapper FreshBillz, has just dropped his latest mixtape – A Taste Of Success or rather “A.T.O.S 2”. FreshBillz never stops working, he’s always trying to grow more as an artist. He’s always bringing that real street wisdom he’s learned over the years he’s been in the rap game. The man always keeps it 100 with his music that’s why he has credibility. The marriage between the bottom-heavy beats and the true-to-life rhymes show that FreshBillz has spent his years under the radar mastering his craft. He has become polished and dexterous, like a point guard knowing when to break out the crossover dribble. Witness his tongue-twisting double-time flow on “Been Getting Money” and how equally comfortable he sounds doing it. From the opening second you can tell he’s determined to make a grand entrance.

The breath of fresh air comes with “Chevy Nova” which rides on an airy piano driven beat. It’s the one moment on the mixtape where things come to a halt, demanding your attention. FreshBillz has the ability to provide listeners with quality music and this is evident on this track.

It’s hard not to be transfixed on “Freestyle’s” stone-cold musing about street activities. The repetition of the alien keyboard sounds and the blending of the intense background voices makes this track hypnotizing.

Get familiar with the production on “Mess” ft. Browzer. Here FreshBillz is baptizing rap’s sonic landscape with the acoustic guitar, even though many still wrongly don’t believe in this sound. If you aren’t familiar with that strumming groove in hip-hop, FreshBillz and Browzer will teach you what this tool is used for in the genre.

Browzer has the Midas touch here. And his touch is all over this, as he injects the track with energy. It’s a jam that caters to the rapper’s catchy mainstream sensibilities

“Money On My Mind” is a mixture of grit and unrivaled charisma that adds another notch of success to the belt of a man who is constantly on his grind. The track which evokes hidden hedonistic pleasures has the sheen and accessibility of a club single without taking away from FreshBillz’ trademark delivery and his personal stylistic footing. I had a lot of fun with this one. It’s still bumping in my player nearly a week after first hearing it, and probably will be throughout the summer.

Like the majority of the artist’s releases, “A.T.O.S 2” is another roller-coaster ride of peaks and troughs. One of things I definitely have to give FreshBillz credit for is the fact that he complimented these beats very well, and even made them more entertaining than they would have been to start with.

FreshBillz is definitely a linear artist. Each new work signifies some growth or maturation in his creative process. He allows tries to swim beyond the shallow end of the lyrical pool, and with each new release, his sound evolves into something new. His past work, and now his latest release, definitely points to a continued urge to stake his place at the table.

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