Kory Kane: “Stay Focused” is set to inspire and motivate!

A business owner and operator well before the age of thirty, Kory Kane was raised by his business minded mother. The Cleveland musician who has built a following as a hip-hop lyricist, incorporated his own business in the state of Ohio called Be Your Own Boss Incorporated, and in the same year branched his interests out into a sub company called Money N the Mattress Media. With the will to inspire excellence and motivate the potential in people, Kory has been involved in many community, social and judicial battles, including the highly publicized ‘Master of Miracles’ lawsuit against the Cuyahoga County Court Judges. Through it all, the man finds time to make music, and his themes always rely heavily on his conscious humanistic principles. His latest track, “Stay Focused” maintains him squarely in his zone.

This is inspirational hip-hop, “for all young men living and striving for greatness,” says Kane. “After overcoming alcoholism and drugs, and growing up in a negative environment,” he continues: “I chose to inspire and motivate with my talent and gifts.”

“Stay Focused” is also supported by a visual, shot and directed by 103Films. Music is a powerful thing. The right inspirational song or motivational lyric can completely transform your mood and drive you on to succeed, and when associated with matching imagery, its message can multiply tenfold.

Which is the case with this track and accompanying music video. “Young man, just stay focused. Learn how to keep your composure.” These are the opening lines and primary rules in a song Kory Kane designed to help you meet your challenges.

When it comes to music, the stereotype idea is that all rap songs are about money, drugs, and loose women.  And while that’s true for a lot of the songs that make it to the radio and the clubs, there are a number tracks that can be positive, inspiring and motivating.

If you listen to rap often, you know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t usually listen to rap, suspend your preconceived notions and actually listen to the lyrics in “Stay Focused”, you may be surprised at the poignancy of the words that will get you inspired, motivated, and pumped up.

You can even use Kory Kane’s fiery anthem as fuel when rebounding from the darker moments in your life. Everyone loves to win. Some of us more than others. Kane does so, no matter what obstacles are put in his way. Rise up. Work hard. Ignore the haters, create your own success and own it; that seems to be the backbone of Kane’s journey so far.

Listening along as Kane kicks out syllables as quickly as the ear can catch them is a joy, and the creative, but realistic storytelling carried out in his shifting flows feels satisfying and complete, like the overarching narrative sweep that sits above the piano-driven soundscape that is contained within “Stay Focused”.

Kory Kane is an artist that comes through for the people passionately and fearlessly. As a musician he humbly knows that his vocation is not to change people, but to inspire and motivate them to do so themselves. On “Stay Focused”, Kane has done so, brilliantly, and every step of the way. And at the same time he has also distilled all of these elements into an ear-wormy directness, primed especially for your sound system.


One thought on “Kory Kane: “Stay Focused” is set to inspire and motivate!

  1. I worked an event in Cleveland a year and a half ago with Kory.
    He was a pro, and one sensed that he was sincerely connected
    and concerned with the community.

    Ken Brady
    Brooklyn, NY

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