Kenric Carson: “Thank You, Praise You” – a tremendous worship record!

Kenric Carson is a native of Milwaukee, WI growing up in a challenging environment. Kenric studied music and theology at a local college in Milwaukee. Additionally, he sings on the praise and worship team at his local church. The artist who developed a desire to pursue music at the age of thirteen, started singing and playing drums at church, school and different groups around the city. Kenric who wrote and produced his first single “I Will” in 2013 with his daughter, is currently on the AG Productions roster. Performing in R&B and gospel groups. Kenric says: “I want to inspire people to love again and have faith and hope”.

Kenric Carson’s latest single release, “Thank You, Praise You” is a vibrant celebration of the Lord’s magnificence when he shows up in your life. Many times you’ll find yourself stuck in dark situations without a clue or solution on how to get out. Even as a Christian, just because you are saved, you’re not guaranteed peacefulness from the everyday anxieties of life.

You need to keep working on your faith until you start seeing the changes in your life. This track embodies what every Christian experiences when they no longer go by what they’ve heard about God, but what they’ve seen Him do in their life and in the lives of others. Their spiritual eyes have been opened, and they start giving praise.

In fact, in the song Kenric sings: “I give you my thanks. You’re worthy to praise. That’s why I praise you.” Kenric does a masterful job in leading the Chorus and projecting real like experiences onto the praise song. Like a conductor leading his orchestra, Carson guides the chorus and harmonies through one verse after another: “You gave me strength when situations tried to chain me down. You guide me through it all.”

Kenric makes it clear that the Lord is there to lift you up, to carry you so that you never stumble and fall. And that even after difficult experience, you can’t help but open your spiritual eyes and see that it was God all along pulling you through. Hence you need to give praise.

All of this is sung in the first person as Kenric Carson tells us about his own experiences, and his own will to thank and praise the Lord. It is a tremendous worship record that will bring people closer to Christ. Kenric is among the newer crop of male gospel singers who croon rather than shout their praises aloft.

And this latest project is as good a demonstration as any of his growing potential as a singer and songwriter of serious note. “Thank You, Praise You” lets loose a groovy pop rhythm-and-praise arrangement with an uncomplicated melody, easily relatable lyrics, and plenty of vocal interaction between Kenric and his background vocalists.

The song demonstrates a panoply of emotions as it passes through the initial opening bars and soaring chorus extensions where Kenric turns up the inspiring energy. As you listen and start to worship, your heart is encouraged and your spirit uplifted by the lyrical truths that Kenric Carson delivers. He is a man with a limitless desire to follow and praise the Lord, inviting you to come with him.


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