Kenny: “Set It Off” – smooth vocals along with a creative musical arrangement

Kenny is a vocal artist from Alexandria, VA who is currently promoting his latest R&B/Soul single – “Set It Off”. Kenny is the kind of singer that comes along to break the monotony of the same old aggressive sounding music. His music is compelling, imaginative and a breath of fresh air compared to the sound-alike masses. If you like mellow smooth vocals along with a creative musical arrangement, this is the kind of track you can play start to finish without hitting the forward button on your device. This is a great track for relaxing or taking a nice drive. Whatever the topic, Kenny presents his brand of minimalism in the guise of chill. The track’s greatest feat is its ability to expand when it’s listened to in a new mindset, each reveal is seemingly so apparent that you wonder how you missed it the first time.

Kenny sings in many different tones and shows a marked maturity compared to his songs released a year ago. Even though the pace of his songs is rarely frenetic, the amount of ideas thrown into the mixes are. All those ideas are poured through a strainer and then filtered once again before becoming the finished product.

Kenny is more than his voice, and “Set It Off” sees him illustrate all the ways in which he’s a true artist. Furthermore, looking at his plaintive cover artwork it seems Kenny manages to exist as an artist without an ego – or at least one who doesn’t strive to gloat.

Kenny’s storytelling is very linear in “Set It Off”, using different experiences from his life to develop the theme of the song – which is basically the tale of one man against all the odds while seriously on his grind.

It ends up depicting the prevailing image of Kenny as a craftsman toiling by himself, constructing his own personal road to success while the sounds of adversity and haters resonate around him. In a word, it’s bold. Here timeless airy pop hooks are soldered to an R&B beat in a song that expresses a focused vision that’s all too rare in the genre.

Kenny continues to excel as a singer who doesn’t only work in hooks, but textures and tones, a mode that becomes even more prevalent here. “Set It Off” also stands out as a testament to Kenny’s songwriting prowess, which has developed here into the foundation for his most mature work yet. What results is a tangible expression of simple soul-baring, as Kenny closes the track down, singing: “Set it off, that’s just how I am.”

“Set It Off” is a breezy slow to mid-tempo jam that continues to reveal itself slowly with each listen. Kenny is a master of the low-key hook, effortlessly phrasing his way through the track that’ll echo long through your mind after the first time hearing it.

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