Joemayk: “Drive Somewhere” – addictive melodic crossover pop-rock!

Venezuela-born singer and songwriter Joemayk, now residing in Madrid, recently released his album “Drive Somewhere”, containing 10 radio-ready pop-rock songs. The album opens with “One Hundred Miles”, an edgy track, with a swaggering riff, and a sultry vocal, that makes it pure ear candy. It is a great melodic anthem with an empowering and optimistic love message to it, which is relevant for the times we live in. This tune is a good introduction for what fans and listeners can expect on this full-length recording. “Love” is a no frills mid-tempo rock ballad that relies on chunky guitar riffs and big vocals. Most of the album keeps with that similar meat and potatoes pop-rock approach, but always being elevated by the excellent lead vocals and superb musical arrangements.

Joemayk’s vocals are so layered and versatile that he’d have no issue tackling any type of song, of any genre. While his vocals are impressive, the rest of the music doesn’t simply stand in the shadows either. There is some excellent instrumentation throughout, with plenty of great guitar tones to match the songs,

Songs like the title track, “Drive Somewhere”, “Friendly Ghost”, “You” and “Lovers Memories” shows Joemayk comfortable with both the heavier and more melodic types of songs. If you enjoy that mix of styles the album delivers on them perfectly. Each song is tailor made for a live experience as well. The album has absolutely no filler.

Every song is catchier, and more memorable than the last. Most songs have sparkling electric guitars crunching out compelling melodies, one can’t help liking. This kind of pop-rock with stadium-ready choruses is exactly what the doctor ordered. But the highlight of the album is something far greater than the melodies, the choruses, and even the vocals. It’s the catchy and relatable songwriting.

One of Joemayk strongest assets is his ability to deliver emotionally charged songs that truly resonate. There’s no questioning what feelings are being relayed from song to song. Lyrically the songs cover an array of afflictions of the heart from falling in love, staying in love, and of course, that bitter sting of losing love.

In this sense even the song titles point you in the right emotional direction – from “Little Love” to “Stronger” and “The Rain Is Cold In Summer”. Listening to these songs, it’s evident that Joemayk has definitely laid out the blueprint for crafting addictive modern day melodic crossover pop-rock.

By the time you hit play on the final track, “Through The Window”, you realize that the album may have taken you on a journey through your own memories. The lyrics of the songs have an incredible ability to grab you and reel you in, which is a fair indication that they’re pulling on your nostalgic strings.

“Drive Somewhere” is a classic pop-rock record which is both lyrical and moving. Joemayk can be rough, or smooth, hard or soft. This album sees the artist expanding himself and flexing his writing muscles, offering many shining moments in a genre currently running thin on new talent.


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