One Gun Shy: “Eye of the Storm” – adrenaline-fueled, road-burning rockers!

Alternative Hard Rock Band, One Gun Shy will tour the Pacific Northwest in support of their third album “Eye of the Storm” (National release date of July 6, 2018) The Seattle-based band will spend the summer promoting the album by kicking off the first leg of their tour with shows and in-store appearances in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. “The album is a result of an extraordinary collaborative effort between Momma Lynn Records and Lime & Dime Records”, said Momma Lynn Founder, Michael Decker. “This album would not be possible if it were not for the hard work and dedication of the music professionals at Robert Lang Studios of Seattle, and Studio Sage of Edmonds, Washington.”

Starting strong can be a bold move, and One Gun Shy start very strong indeed. Entering the ring, throwing strong hooks with the “Constellation”, the four and a half minute opener does exactly what it’s supposed to. Leaping out of the shadows it pumps adrenaline into the unsuspecting listener, with quickening drums, growling bass lines, and climbing guitar riffs, before it even explodes into full throttle.

By the time the chorus hits, with the lead vocals exhibiting a most passionate delivery, you’ll find yourself surrendered to the record a mere one track deep. While the title track “Eye of the Storm” sets the template for the majority of what follows, the result is tempered on each occasion, to sustain and reward each arrangement

That moment, typically between guitar solos and bombastic choruses, where everything essentially explodes and is laced with predominately high flying vocals, along with driving rhythms, is progressively anthemic. Leading single “Eye of the Storm” embodies this method perfectly, but it can be found elsewhere in different shapes and forms.

The track succeeds in bringing the hard in heavy doses with just the perfect smattering of melody in just the right places. Even their epically affecting lyrics on “Dying To Make It”, does not impair the band’s ability to maintain their ironclad grit on the arrangement. Rock fans will appreciate the individuality poised in the songs, as well as the coming together to make us hold our breath.

There’s little doubt that with this album, One Gun Shy are consolidating their place in the world of alternative and hard rock. “I’m Free” succinctly delivers bare-knuckled, catchy hard rock that’s captured with crystal clear production, wasting little time in making its intentions clear.

The wall of guitars deliver monumental power chords and lighting-speed shredding to satisfy all head bangers. “Let” mains the balance between bone-crushing riffs and melodic lead vocals, seasoned with epic chants. The aggressive rocker is built on driving guitar work, and is likely to whip listeners into a frenzy.

Loud is exactly where you’ll want your volume when rocking the “Eye of the Storm” disc as it is packed with 11 in-your-face tracks. These songs are all adrenaline-fueled, road-burning rockers filled with jagged licks, thunderous hits and electrified fury that should satiate longtime hard rock fans.

Gripping grooves, infectious hooks, and choruses so anthemic they grant no immunity, “Eye of the Storm” is a powerhouse ride that will leave you falling in love with these alternative rock warriors. They sound tight and consistent, with not a sub-par song to be found on the album, while the heavy guitar riffing, rumbling bass lines, and incredible drumming remain at the forefront, alongside the vocals.



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