Lyndon Rivers: “In This Paradise” throws some solid curves into the mix

In contrast to its predecessor, the new single, “In This Paradise” by Producer Lyndon Rivers is more emotion-driven and dives deeper into the concept of pop. Always embracing the idea of various genres coming together, Rivers is known to have combined electro bangers with pop and house influences in his catalog. While jumping across genres may cause a disconnect for some. For Rivers it’s a means of bringing retro sounds into the future. Standing as one of his power pop tracks, “In This Paradise” brings listeners from a slow introduction into an emotional piano-driven frenzy and drop then back again. The contrast in both volume and tone takes listeners on a musical roller-coaster that they’re sure to enjoy. The track is entirely unpredictable as it unexpectedly jumps between changing sections.

Lyndon Rivers is an idealist here. With dreams for the future that are bold and bright, he hands us his vision of love’s Promised Land on a silver platter with “In This Paradise”. Love-struck lyrics meet drops that hop and skip to a place of reminiscence where lyrics echo in a way that’s almost hypnotic, as a repetitive, understated build-up leads…to another buildup, and another buildup.

Interestingly, the song never reaches the kind of crescendo you would be expecting. Instead, after the drop and break, Rivers completely changes tone, before switching back to the initial buildups which are led by the vocals.

So the big rising chorus crescendo that you will be expecting from the start, and after each subsequent verse section, never happens. Now that’s an innovative way to compose a song with serious pop crossover tendencies. Rivers has his vocal hook in a chorus section that maintains the same tone and timbre as the verse, or is this just another verse?

“I met you there in the paradise. Now I am yours and you are mine. Please hold me close in this paradise,” intonates the singer. It’s clever, very clever. Almost like having great sex, without climaxing. Which means you can go at it all night long!

Whether this is a premeditated choice, a provocation, or a consequence of the material at hand, “In This Paradise” is a composition whose existence is free of the limitations imposed by the traditional song form. Yet at the same time the track is typically conventional and will stick itself perfectly into the pop-dance realm, to the point of being totally radio friendly.

Rivers is a producer who is out to preserve the “music” in EDM, and is on track to achieving that goal with each subsequent release. And while the genre continues to build a massive space in the mainstream conversation, Lyndon Rivers continues to bring back some of the genres basics, as well as throw some solid curves into his mixes.




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