The Road: “The Wild Ones” – gorgeous right out of the block!

The Road is a vintage alternative rock band, led by lead singer Kevin. As a songwriter and singer, he cut his musical teeth making jingles and film scores and underscores for some of the biggest advertisers in the world. Eventually, those jingles enabled Kevin to put himself through law school. After graduating, rather than pursuing law, he forged ahead in the music production business. Eventually, he landed a record deal with independent Domain Records. The label was founded by his uncle Tony Sepe, who wrote Barry White’s hit single “You’re My First, Last and Everything.” Continuing on his musical Kevin began producing other artists, as well as penning top 20 records and amassing 7 Addy Awards for Best Original Music.

Kevin’s life took a twist which slowed down his trajectory. When he was finally back on his feet he wrote, produced, and composed the soundtrack (even acted in a cameo role) in his movie, called Stonerville. It landed on Netflix and starred Leslie Nielson, Pauly Shore, and Patrick Cavanaugh. Kevin began to write songs that eventually would make up his debut album, titled “Kill The Pill”. His band, “The Road” recorded it between mid-2016 and February of 2017. “The Wild Ones” is the brand new 2018 single from Kevin and his band The Road.

It starts with ringing guitar riffs that cut through the air with propulsive distinction. Then comes a breezy, shuffling beat, pushed by snappy percussion and jaunty strums of the six-stringed instrument. The vocals enter – earnest, plaintive, a bit of resonance and harmony hinting at something bigger on its way.

And then “The Wild Ones” break into a full-blooded uplifting anthem during the choruses, where rich swirling keys, epic vocal harmonies and chants launch the song into a state of melodic euphoria. You either switch it off or singalong. The Road leave with you no other choices.

There you have the first couple of minutes of “The Wild Ones”, a song with an inescapable sunny groove. Along with the catchy, down-home guitar flourishes of Southern rock extraction. The band keeps the sound from devolving into empty retro-ism, by adding the rhythmic pulse of the classic organ and a keen sense of melody.

So everything sounds tight and authentic and is perfectly topped off with Kevin’s booming blockbuster voice. The track has an epic feel also due to the band’s ability in drastically switching intensity and tone within a single song. The move from understated verse to powerfully enveloping chorus, makes for a knockout progression.

The music is gorgeous right out of the block, but listening to the song back to back a few times, I find myself struck just as much by the inspiring anecdotes described in the lyrics. If you’ve already heard it, you probably don’t need much explanation. If you haven’t already heard it, explanations probably won’t do it justice. In fact, if you haven’t heard of The Road or listened to their music, you really ought to rectify that.

Besides this single, their 2017 album, “Kill The Pill” is a masterwork. The Road have fused their talents to create a musical outfit of extraordinary abilities: and the final ingredient that creates the maximum magic in their work, is the inimitable, slightly out-of-this-world and extraordinarily gifted front man, Kevin.


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