Tara Flanagan: “Let Your Guard Down” – with purpose and emotion!

Tara Flanagan is an up and coming Singer/Songwriter of Irish/Filipino descent, hailing from the south coast in Poole, Dorset in the South West of England. Some of Tara’s musical highlights include performing at the BBC Introducing Live Lounge and at the London Fashion Week, supporting American Soul, R&B group, Shalamar, and pop singer Rebecca Ferguson, as well as performing to an estimated 25 000 at the London Barrio Fiesta. The UK based artist has now released her long awaited new single “Let Your Guard Down”, which is the first instalment of new music that she has been working on.

Tara’s vocals are in the forefront on this new track. The song is downright beautiful with a powerful narrative and vocals that standout even more than on her previous releases – as if that’s even possible. Her range has really expanded, both high and low. Her voice is so rich and nuanced, while the arrangement is awesome.

As in her past releases, Tara Flanagan has a smoky richness to her voice that just takes you to places far away and paints beautiful images in your mind. You’ll want more as soon as this song ends, because it begs to be played over and over again.

Every time you hear “Let Your Guard Down”, you’ll marvel at the things she does with her voice that few of her contemporaries seem to match. Her voice is mature and polished. Rather than simply shouting out aloud, to show off her vocal cords, she is shading the song with intense tones and mood.

Not only that, but the musical arrangement is perfect at conveying the atmosphere she is setting for the song. “Let Your Guard Down” is wonderful. It’s emotional, beautiful, relatable, and lovely. It is everything Tara Flanagan has consistently been up until now – only better!

Lyrically the song seems sincere and it is as if she is honestly sharing a bit of her heart with everyone who is listening to her music. Tara sings with purpose and emotion, without ever going overboard into cheesy territory. Her skill and ability to draw you into a vision of her emotional narrative, is how true artists express themselves.

Tara Flanagan transcends her previous works and holds true to her incredible talent on “Let Your Guard Down”. She is a gorgeous young woman who needs no gimmicks to claim a huge audience that will inevitably be captivated by her. Tara brings meaning to her vocals and lyrics.

What will appeal to almost everybody about her work, is her ability to evoke emotion by the way she tells her stories. Tara knows how to tug at your heartstrings. She is remarkably talented and genuine, which makes her a joy to listen to, and to watch perform.

Tara Flanagan has two headline shows coming up:
13th July 2018: https://www.facebook.com/events/2037163129938279/
1st September 2018: https://www.facebook.com/events/621519691540514/


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