Darryl Morris: “My Name” – a song for everyone to own

Singer-songwriter, Darryl Morris has been influenced by those who have a message. The primary and spiritual sources of his music come from such activists as Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Angela Davis. He has also been musically influenced by the brilliance and the melodic imagery of Jimmy Hendrix and Freddie Mercury of Queen, and the lyrical perseverance of James Taylor, Tracy Chapman and Bernie Taupin. Darryl has been welcomed and received as a solo acoustic artist in various venues and some of the finest Colleges and Universities throughout the country. He states that his main goal is to make a positive impact on an individual’s consciousness by creating music to be enjoyed and remembered.

Well what do you get if you blend smoky smooth R&B styled vocals and acoustically driven Americana soundscapes? The result is eloquent graciousness and gritty soul, as well as music that expresses what kind of a man Darryl Morris is. Morris has something of an every-man quality about him that shines through his performances – a deep-thinking, polite, well-mannered guy, eager to please, as much as he is resolute in his search for truths within the human experience.

Listening to his tracks it’s easy to understand that he is charming performer who can light up a room with his incandescent vocals and heartfelt storytelling. With “My Name”, he has created a song packed full of brilliance, of depth, of emotion and performance skills.

Though initially recorded a few years back, Morris is sitting on what could easily become an award winning song for 2018, in its genre. The rich, far-reaching quality of his voice is ideally suited towards singing in this type of intimate style, backed by a beautifully picked acoustic guitar and warm organic instrumentation.

“My Name” gives you a good indication of what Darryl Morris is capable of doing – when he sings this style of song it really feels like he is in the room with you. There is an intensity to his performance which only the very best artists in any genre are able to achieve.

Morris’ vocals are simply superb on this song, driving it forward with style and panache, while handling a heavyhearted theme dealing with family relationships, as he sings: “I never really knew my daddy. Never had very much time to know him. And I swear I don’t hold it against him. But it’s hard to love somebody that you really don’t know. I spent far too much time just sitting alone. Staring out of windows of a loveless home.”

Clever use of lyrics and the cadence of words to create a captivating melody are a feature of this song and an indication that we are listening to a very special tune here. A big beat thumps behind Morris’ strong, clear vocals in the chorus, and there is a lyrical wisdom that could only come from someone who has observed the afflictive experience of growing up without a father, from close up.

His vocals are authentic while the music compliments his voice rather than seeking to overtake him. It’s a message of despair, but also one of undying hope – an honest plea for a family and unity. “My Name” is a song for everyone to own, and cements Darryl Morris as one of the few legitimate heirs to the modern singer-songwriter Throne.


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