Roberto Cusimano: “Summer Night” – a polished and gorgeous piece of music!

Roberto Cusimano has been a Dj/Producer since 1990, doing house music. His best success thus far has been with the track “Santos De Espana”, which was featured on the Buddha Bar compilation. Currently Cusimano is promoting his brand new dance floor anthem, “Summer Night”, out now on all digital stores and streaming websites and apps. After many years of diligent work, Roberto Cusimano talent and enthusiasm for the music that he loves so much, pinnacled with this melodic house track. After spending the last few days “Summer Night” on my playlist, there is only one word I can use to describe this track: class!

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. Worst case scenario, it would be something nice and pleasant, but predictable. Instead I found myself listening to an arrangement that is refreshing, has been well thought out, and has a deep, mature crossover Pop sound but without losing any of the euphoric, uplifting club-orientated vibes. Though simple in construction, there is so much more to this than just using ‘house’ as a description. This really is something that is on another level, which will force you to sit up and pay attention.

One of Roberto Cusimano’s strengths lie in releasing the sort of track that not only contains fantastic music but tugs at your heartstrings, your emotions, your feelings. All of which he forges on “Summer Night”. Making it an absolutely awesome track. It is a polished and gorgeous piece of music that needs to be played on crystal clear sound system.

The nature of dance music sometimes makes monotony a threat to the listenability of any EDM based track, but here Roberto Cusimano has gone to great lengths to avoid it. It has good melodic vocal lead, which keeps the mood interesting and the lyrics relatable.

The sound quality and production of the track also reflect Cusimano’s confidence and skill. There is no drenching of reverb to make the song sound as though it’s being played in a huge arena, Cusimano doesn’t need a huge echoey sound to make a huge track.

The track is proof of this, sporting smart buildups and neat breakdowns, with a whole lot of momentum in between. The result is a track that, despite its dance qualities, you can still comfortably sit down and listen to on a pair of top class headphones.

With its devastatingly addictive melody, it is guaranteed to delight on repeat time and time again. Good house music can be painfully hard to find with so much of it being monotonous and boring. “Summer Night” feels like a step in a promising direction. We can expect even greater things from Roberto Cusimano’s future releases.


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