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Cory Feigen is a singer-songwriter from Thornhill, Ontario. His musical influences including Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Michael Buble, and John Mayer. Cory is destined to become an artist of global interest because his clean cut virtuosic guitar skills and vivid storytelling prowess dictates it. He is simply too good to stay floating under the radar for too long. His music has the ability to establish a powerful connection with audiences.  At its core, this connection is almost a spiritual, heart-to-heart thing. Such is Cory’s ease in translating his music and lyrics into relatable experiences.

The bassline, guitar licks, and vocal interplay, on his track, “I Need You”, will get your head bobbing instantly. I feel Cory’s use of the single half-time, super-laid-back chorus is characteristic of his away-from-pop style of writing, where this song feels like a journey, rather than an all-too-frequently-heard simple format.

I also particularly like the interplay between the guitar interludes and the vocals in the verses, as well as the use of harmonies and the swing-time groove which creates a truly fitting feel. Full credit has to be given to both the bassist and drummer who perfectly drive and set up the rhythm section to allow Cory to layer the clean melody on top.

To nearly the same degree that Cory’s lyrics explore the limits of sentiments, his music seeks to enforce it. In both melody and arrangement, the song is tasteful to perfection. Same goes for his skilled and agile guitar licks.

And if mellowness remains his calling card on “I Need You”, the brilliance of this composition provides a worthy anchor in holding your attention. This record is an open outpouring of universal truths about loving someone who makes you take a more honest look at yourself. Cory lays his heart wide open and it’s a beautiful thing.

“I Need You” oozes upbeat summer bop vibes whilst maintaining a classic jazzy groove. It catches your attention in the chorus with Cory’s special diction of “I need you. I need you to come over here. I need you to come over here baby, and brighten up my cloudy day,” and really gets you to listen to the lyrics and what he’s saying.

The song moves along with superbly catchy vocals, and an extremely bouncy feel. This is a great example of Cory Feigen’s airy instrumentals, and well done songwriting.

With the structure of the song, both lyrically and musically, Cory manages to capture the specific hues of moments of romantic retrospect in a unique yet comforting way. “I Need You” is the type of song where all the animation and nonsense of pop music is stripped away, and we are allowed to enjoy Cory Feigen as a prime singer-songwriter in all his glory. Here’s hoping there’s more of the same to follow.


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