HOFFEY: ‘Love Is Wild’ – its subtle warmth is both unexpected and affecting

HOFFEY is an electro-pop duo based out of Vancouver, Canada. The duo, Jordan Toohey and Erika Toohey, met while studying music abroad in Sydney, Australia in 2014. While writing and performing songs together, they came to the realization that chemistry was not only found in their music but also their love for each other. In 2016 the couple got married and formed HOFFEY, and now in the summer of 2018, have released their debut track entitled ‘Love Is Wild’. For the entire song, the optics of the layers of sound, and the orderly stratified harmonic vocals are greatly achieved.

The sequence of rhythm and relax equally dominate the tack, and the atmosphere the duo can round up is almost infinite. The type of style HOFFEY puts forward on ‘Love Is Wild’ is more of a downtempo, trippy type. Prime ambient influences creep into the electro patterns of the song, as it maintains to stay in a mid-tempo beat while sinking hypnotically in and out of a deep blue sea of shifting emotion.

“This track is really about new relationships and how much you need that person because of how they make you feel. It’s definitely more selfish to start,” explained the duo. “But once it gets past that point and it turns into real mutual care for each other, it becomes free, unwavering, scary, exciting, selfless and wild all at the same time. To go through everything with someone you love…it’s one of the most hard but beautiful things ever. That’s what Love Is Wild is about.” The song’s mix of atmospheric chill-out and smooth grooves makes it a compelling, but easy listen.

‘Love Is Wild’ throbs and pulses with a determined thump reminiscent of midnight streets and shaking clubs. It has a fantastic flow that pulls the listener to the heart of the sensuously shifting soundscape which morphs until the very last note. The music is accessible, hypnotic; it is a track that is easy to get lost in.

HOFFEY isn’t the first artist or group to delve into creating slick soundscapes with their music. Quite a few have all done it before with varying degrees of success. However, even a casual listen reveals that the duo of Jordan Toohey and Erika Toohey possess an uncanny skill for crafting mesmerizing slices of electro-pop.

Waves of bubbling synths, all buffed to a shiny chrome finish, wash over the song without ever burying its infectious melody. HOFFEY is as much concerned with form and function, as they are with style and substance. Their sound is crisp and clean, crafted and balanced to within the narrowest margin of error.

The track also showcases the group’s ability for mixing vocals into their music, adding human warmth to their songs. Erika Toohey’s voice is given the same luxurious treatment as the music, adding a wistfulness that blends in perfectly with the song’s warm sound.

Sometimes I’ll find myself listening to ‘Love Is Wild’ 3 or 4 times in a row, as I quickly get addicted to the effortless grace the track exudes in its finest moments. The precision engineering and production, as well as its subtle warmth is both unexpected and affecting.


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