The Saylor delivers a set of shimmering songs!

Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Saylor (a.k.a. Kevin Wharff) is on a creative roll, releasing a brand new single every two weeks. He dropped his first single, “It’s Fire”, last summer and hasn’t looked back since. You can find The Saylor’s music on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. On his tracks, singer and songwriter, The Saylor (a.k.a. The Bopper Dropper), shares production duties with Scott Griffin, while  mixing and mastering is completed at Vaughn Music Studios by Mark Abrams and Scott Griffin.  From “Hold Up” to “Sunday FunDay” and “Yacht in Calabasas” to the very latest “Young”, The Saylor creates completely accomplished electro-pop records; ones that undoubtedly have been built around focus and desire. It’s clear that the artist wants to be crowned king of the festival anthems, as well as the prince of mainstream pop charts, and these tracks just might help him claim his reign.

From the very first time you press play on any one of The Saylor’s tracks, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into in regards to the music. All beats are catchy with energetically bright rhythms supported by infectious melodies and resonant vocals with laser sharp diction.

Throughout the recordings you will hear shifts in both tone and presentation in each track. All songs work completely independently from each other, and each one gives off its own flavor to the overall presentation of The Saylor’s growing catalog of potential hits. There’s an ordered eclecticism to the artist’s track list and there are songs literally here for everyone.

The Saylor knows how to write a damn good pop song, and “Young” is a perfect example of his prowess. It’s immediately memorable, its piano chords and vocals are superbly simple, and the transition to absolutely euphoric chorus is stunning.

The pop basslines and spacey synths set the song apart from its inefficiently over-dramatic peers: here is a song which uses every element efficiently to form something wonderfully entertaining. I can’t overemphasize just how good a potential pop song-of-the-year this is – its jaw-droppingly catchy. The unforgettable keyboard hook paves the way for one of the best choruses of the year.

And while “Young” is simply amazing, it is not the only track that represents how well The Saylor can do when his on point. Pop music has a tendency for monotony and lack of innovation. It’s no shock because this is the nature of chart music, but The Saylor provides the oddity. His music’s strength lies in the vibrant variety between all of his songs.

Each track ends up sounding different from one another, which creates a couple of some very surprising and interesting stylistic inputs. “Yacht in Calabasas” is one of these. It creates an easy going melody, mixed in with some very lush and beautiful harmonies to really give it a relaxing edge, without losing its energetic core.

The Saylor is challenging the type of music that is circulating within the Top 40, and he shows his prowess by making an innovative, accessible pop song that hugely differs from what it’s competing with.  But it’s also warm, inviting and very catchy.

Throughout all of his summer releases, The Saylor has thus far delivered a set of shimmering songs that follows the cardinal rules of pop: great melodies, simple messages and plenty of hooks. It’s hard to argue with that formula.


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