Black James Bond: “The Process” – the perfect blend of talent and creativity

Black James Bond is an RnB, Pop, Hip-hop and Neo-Soul Artist, who dropped his first single “Time Flies” in 2017, produced by One Tone. Since then he has rapidly released a series of songs showcasing his particular style. He also did a tribute to his musical influence, J.Dilla, with the release of the single “Timeless (Baby Girl Remix), which saw him link up with producers Beatz era and One Tone. One of his latest singles helping him build momentum is “The Process”.

Black James Bond’s vocal prowess and pop sensibility bring him right to the front of the line as artists such as Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Maxwell, D’Angelo, and all artists that have the push the borders approach to smooth urban music. Nothing shrouds Black James Bond and his directives, and ideals – it’s all there, full of light and love, refracting through a creative looking glass.

The success of his sound also owes a good deal to the production, sparse and specific, and always in tune with Black James Bond’s tenor and falsetto escapades. He is the perfect blend of talent and creativity, a true showman. Everything about him is marketable, but most of all, everything on “The Process”, and any of his other releases, is equal to top-tier music.

Black James Bond’s voice is smooth but pointed, effortlessly crafting melodies from out of nowhere. You couldn’t tell a moment on “The Process” that doesn’t feel organic, and it’s because of B.J.B’s understanding of his own voice.

Everything on this recording works, which seems harder and harder to do in a genre that at some stage during the last few years was deemed a stale joke, with all the modern urban genres grabbing the headlines – from rap to trap.

Somehow B.J.B has worked these flavors into his soulful creations to create a formula that works for him and a handful of his successful peers. While artists like Frank Ocean challenge everything R&B had previously established about sexuality and love, Black James Bond expands the genre outward, showing a glimpse of growth within itself.

Easily appraisable for his soulfully eclectic vibe and skilled song-writing, Black James Bond expertly fuses together elements of R&B, pop, hip-hop and soul, to create a cohesive, idiosyncratic sound. This makes the perfect accompaniment to B.J.B’s narratives of romance and existentialism – all of which are sung with astonishing sincerity.

“The Process” is a great slow-burning track which gets better with every listen. Featuring warm keyboards and restrained drums which occasionally punctuate through the saturated production, the song’s brooding nature is the perfect accompaniment to the dreamy languor of B.J.B’s voice. While lyrically the constant stream of analogies he uses to express his passion and commitment, hits home.

From the infectious way he holds on to every phrase during the verse to his harmonization with the refrain hook, its Black James Bond’s vocal contributions that ultimately make “The Process” such a memorable track. All things considered, this is a solid single release that showcases Black James Bond’s considerable talent.


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