Infinite Mindscape: “SPACE” – a transportive triumph!

Inspired by modern film music, retro synth sounds, and ambiance. The project, Infinite Mindscape blends many influences, which include Hans Zimmer, Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis, among others, to drive an emotional experience. The 14 track album “SPACE” is another musical journey created by composer and artist, Steve Montgomery. At times the album leaves you hanging in space while you sense the juddering of distant shooting stars and comets pass by – the beautifully melodies conveying the serenity and calm of cosmic cruise control.  At others, the tracks have a nervy feel, quicker tempo and a form of musical combative anxiety – the soundscapes peppered with sharp shards of sound, bouncing and spreading around, with a growing surge of sonic power rising and dominating.

The album encapsulates the drama and danger, as well as the loneliness and drift of the vast abyss that is “SPACE”. A perfect piece of musical painting from Infinite Mindscape, his control over his technique and the sonic atmospheres that follow, is that of a master composer. It is an ambitious and impressive score which perfectly encapsulates the story of the mission which will be imprinted in your mind.

From the opening track, “Mindscape”, there is plenty to get your teeth into and it is fascinating to hear the variety of influences that Steve Montgomery has incorporated into his music over the years, either as Darkmood or Infinite Mindscape.

Montgomery truly is a one-man orchestra, using exactly the right sounds, at exactly the right moments, to ignite emotions.  The second track, “Dreaming In Neon”, is a gorgeously rhythmic soundscape characterized by a wondrously emotive build-up comprised of ambient textures, echoing basslines and a crystalline keyboard melody.

“Exploration” ensues, and is another transportive triumph – featuring a sprawling melody line and hi-octane bass and percussion. “Cries Of War” is a likewise spectacular piece although more definitive of an epic Celtic ode, with big banging drums and ethereal female vocals.

“Kinetic” breaks the keyboard spell with some resonating stringed instrument sounds. The shards of guitar lines give the album a nice fresh and soulful twist. Energetically vibrant yet hauntingly mysterious, the aural space seemingly feels encapsulated by synthesized tones on “Native Skies”.

Elsewhere, “Stardust” and “Legends” will move you in ways that will take you by surprise and make you shiver under their dark and ethereal vibrancy. Full of muscular orchestration and digital sheen, Infinite Mindscape’s peculiar technique balances luscious orchestral sounds and dynamic rhythmic foundations, both of which can be gauged on “Waves OF Solace” and “Beyond The Heavens”.

“Galaxies” is a tremendous percussion-driven soundscape that adds a heavy layer of drama to the album as a whole. Immediately there are thunderous and sporadic low-tone sounds, which create the feelings of tension. The album closes out with the triad of songs: “Horizons”, “Odyssey” and “Final Voyage”, all of which continue to forge the formula based on the dramatic Infinite Mindscape template, where busy percussion meets infinitely layered orchestrations set to dominate pulse rates.

Using the emotional tones that it sets for itself, as well as its climactic moments to its advantage, this record manages to engage the audience in a manner that one wouldn’t expect from a record that is detached from an actual movie.

Bearing stylistic hallmarks of pioneering musical legends such as Enigma, Jean Michel-Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis, not to mention Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino, “SPACE”  is arguably Steve Montgomery’s most accomplished work to date – and certainly destined to be among this year’s finest underground, soundtrack-type albums!


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