B L U|e: “Life” – lo-fi bliss

If you’ve never heard B L U|e, his mixture of the open and obtuse – all deftly handled and sonically ravishing – can be extremely engaging. As each of his songs fade, you’re left with an appreciation for how well this project can weave together disparate elements to make one lovable patchwork whole. He deals in both vivid primary, and pastel musical colors, but the appeal of B L U|e is largely in how he brings the whole together in lo-fi bliss. The music is chilly, expansive, smooth, and above all groovily rhythmic. Over a recognizable beat, keyboards weave their way across one another, shifting, conflicting and brushing up against the edges of listenability, to be resolved into something resembling a melody, backed by more layers of luscious sound. This is also the basis for the template used on the single, “Life”.

Here B L U|e has the drums banging harder, while the piano twinkles on top of a recurring rhythm. There is an undercurrent of urban urgency to the apparent overarching coolness of “Life”. It is a delicate track with a gorgeously constructed beat.

Taken as a whole, the track is another welcome step forward and a stunning affirmation of the B L U|e’s growing skill at producing atmospheric lo-fi electronic music. The song reveals a triumph of mood and atmosphere, and a work that paints a deeply realized portrait of hope and beauty.

I think it’s fair to say that as human beings, we like to take journeys. We like to go places. And if it’s true that music can take you places. Then “Life” can take you on a sonic journey. The piano tones are granted enough space in the mix to fully stretch out and corrode into the beat.

There is enough subtle variety within the track to keep the listening experience consistently fresh and interesting. B L U|e is also very good at creating wonderful ambience with just the right level of activity as his music rolls around in the ear and in the mind.

“Life” takes up simple harmonic dabbling in opposition of the clever combination of the dominating beat and chilling warmth. The track has an airy, resonant gleam that gives it some of its own unique feel. It’s a sound with a nostalgic tint, the kind which feels elusive and interpretive.

The electronic haze wafting through the song unfolds within a dreamy aura and an infectious refrain, as the silky threads of piano work to form the song. B L U|e discredits the idea that the electronic genres are cerebral, cold and sterile.

This project creates arrangements that are warm, inviting, and much more emotive than the vast majority of music being released. If you are a fan of lo-fi groove, “Life” is a great record which has a harder hitting vibe that’s definitely worth checking out. This is the opportune moment to reach out and bring B L U|e’s music into your life.


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