Jason Gee: “Girls Like Men Playing Guitar” (feat. Pauline de Sybourg) shines with resounding clarity

After several years learning music theory and classical piano, the UK-based, Swiss artist, Jason Gee, traded his Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky scores for Queen, Elton John, and Robbie Williams’ music books. The band Keane has been one of his favorite groups to take inspiration from, along with his love for 80’s tunes, piano, strong synths, and smooth beats. Jason describes himself as a nature and animal lover, videogames fan, and Tai Chi student. He claims that Dragon Ball is his religion and that his DNA contains pizza! Jason has a growing catalog of electro- pop songs amongst which you will find “Girls Like Men Playing Guitar” (feat. Pauline de Sybourg).

It doesn’t take a know-it-all to recognize the elegant use of keyboards, but what about the powerful drumming, finger-scattered basslines, and alleyway guitar sounds. Jason Gee spares no expense here. You’re constantly climbing, soaring, shimmying, and crawling to his beat.

These days, everyone’s toying around with voyages into tunnels of nostalgia. Jason doesn’t avoid this, but he’s more apt to go beyond. He wants to create something different. What he does is string together all his sounds from yesteryear and not only move forward with them, but above.

This is a straight-up novelty pop record, ripped from the heart of a guy who straight-up loves pop. With “Girls Like Men Playing Guitar”, Jason Gee digs deeper into his influences, crafting what he’s heard all these years. The end result is an incredibly personal effort that shines, sparkles, and thrills.

Alongside Jason, Pauline de Sybourg brings her bursts of vocal adrenaline to keep you locked into their world of beautiful nostalgic daydreams, where girls like men who play guitar…where girls also like men playing keyboard…and where girls simply…also like men!

This is a broad-stroked smudging of nostalgic instincts and time-brightened memories of our more youthful days. Jason Gee himself is a surefooted vocal presence on the track, as he embraces his influences and makes them his own, as he always has done.

The orderly constructed instrumentation, layers up perfectly, creating an unstoppable rush that builds to a number of crescendos. The hooky synthesizers, drum fills, and vocal flourishes burst and build again, filling every space. Indie these days is all about the murky and the muddled, but Jason Gee has made a track that shines with resounding clarity.

This song has an energy and urgency that matches the best of Jason’s up-tempo songs. Hats off then to Jason Gee who has maintained his artistic poise and comes up with the rather wonderful “Girls Like Men Playing Guitar” (feat. Pauline de Sybourg); a track that holds its own alongside Jason’s splendid catalogue.


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