Fabp – “From Then Til’ Now 2011-2015” – exceptionally unique

“From Then Til’ Now 2011-2015” is not an album for everybody. It is weird, quirky, and very tongue in cheek. The album consists of Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer rapping over, what I consider to be, some of his most eclectic and tightest beats. His production game is certainly on point on this album. At this point in his career Fabp seems to revel in his tracks being both recognizable for their sound and unique for their layers and his quaint flow. The recording contains quite possibly one of the oddest run of tracks on a hip hop or dancehall album ever. They are basically beats in a style that only a mind like that of Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer can put together. They’re both light-hearted and clever.

As someone who likes to fool around with his equipment in his spare time, I can only imagine how long it took to layer all of those beats, let alone find the sounds. Combining these tracks with the vocal cuts makes for an off the wall album that never takes itself too seriously.

If you like goofy underground hip hop, unlimited lyrical themes, or slick instrumentals you should check this album out. This is classic alternative hip-hop, with very refreshing, crisp, and succulent beats. What is absolutely impressive about Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer is his ability to craft unique, memorable characters with each consecutive album release while still imbuing a sense of unity and dynamic interplay.

This album is, in every way, an appropriate companion to everything else Fabp has released. His flow is conversational and, sometimes simple, and other times complex. There are very few hook-verse-hook structures on the record, and most of the tracks clock in at around two minutes – its typical Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, if you’re in the same lane, you’ll like this.

Simple decision. If you’re not so familiar with Fabp and looking at this as a first record, that’s certainly a decent idea, as this is one of the more user-friendly introductions to Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer you can find.

Astonishingly, every project Fabp undertakes is exceptionally unique. Despite his hyper-prolificacy, he unquestionably regards originality over popularity, and you need not look any further than the music for proof, as he eschews all the trendy tricks and treats. Fabp also showcases his off the wall lyricism.

He draws upon his usual mixture of pointed references and nimble wordplay, crafting deliciously spiked rhymes. With countless projects under his professional belt, it’s always hard to imagine what will come next with each ensuing release. And a 39 track release was the furthest thing from my mind.

From “Blasting Blasting” and “Sexy -N-So High”, to “Chop Up Your Rass”, “Kick Inna Face”, “What Iz Happening” and “Prettyface Lala”, to other standouts like “Gal Ratingz”, “Go Round” and “Pumpum Robber”, this is a refreshing breath of fun, standing out from the masses of heavy-handed, heavy-hearted albums.

This light atmosphere largely stems from the fantastic, bouncy, bright and just all around twisted production. Possibly the most amazing thing about “From Then Til’ Now 2011-2015” is that Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer writes, raps and produces his own stuff. He does everything in his own warped world, and manages to untangle all the twisted and somewhat deliberate blends of style, to make the unusual recordings he undertakes.


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