neon radiation: “Underdog” – spontaneous, imaginative and hugely enjoyable!

Gary Blake, artistically known as neon radiation, is a London based Pop music songwriter and producer whose work features a range of male and female guest vocalists. Remixed versions of the project’s selected songs cover diverse genres and showcase some of the world’s most talented DJs and Remixers. The 4 track “Underdog” EP releases for streaming and download on 19-Oct-2018 with the songs; “Underdog”, “Feel The Fear”, “Breath Of Fresh Air” and “Afterglow”. One week later (26-Oct-2018), a 5 track “Underdog Remixes” EP will be available with outstanding remixes by DTone, Caperraticus, Athens and NITZ. On this effort neon radiation deliver a box of synth pop magic tricks and prove they’ve got something good to give the music world.

It’s clear from the off that Blake has refined his formula to a tee, as the title track “Underdog” bursts open the door into neon radiation’s congenital sonic world, with sweet and sassy female vocals and sculpted synthesizers galore.

The track itself is an anthemic piece of radio-ready pop, intricately formulated to leave you wanting more and more. It shows off neon radiation’s impeccable ability to write melodic, synth hooks, whilst simultaneously holding onto relatable narratives that keep it a few levels above sugar pop audiences.

Mixing clever songwriting, sonic changes, succinct chord progressions and the perfect brew of indie and electronica, “Feel The Fear” is ready to drive dance-floors. “Breath Of Fresh Air”, slithers along with a manufactured retro-disco bassline, a combustible combination of synth horns, warm pads and hi-hat heavy marching drums.

The 80’s disco flavor is almost tangible in every movement of its aired out beat. Strangely enough, the beat carries a vocal that is just about as dream-pop as you’re likely to find. It’s a Kaleidoscopic blend that is sure to draw attention.

The trippy psychedelia of “Afterglow” feels like it’s alternately melting and lifting, warming and woozy. The juxtaposition of these moods is a fun thing to experience. It’s the perfect comedown for the EP, wafting out of view with messages of nostalgia and letting go lightly.

Here neon radiation distill all that is good about the project into something even more honest and human sounding. Showing it can capture our heads and our hearts, while also searching for our souls. This a project that utilizes an array of sounds to express a range of multi-hued emotions.

Through the oodles of enjoyment to be had, the clever tasteful genre switching and master-craftsmen blending of sounds and styles, for me, the beating heart of this record has to be the title track “Underdog”. It’s a hugely affirmative opener with an approach that rubs off on the other songs that make up the EP, though clearly on this track, neon radiation has honed its technique and added just a touch of production gloss to finish.

The result is cutting edge spontaneous, imaginative and, above all, hugely enjoyable.  Fans jumping on the bandwagon are sure to be impressed, while this would actually be a great starting point for listeners wanting to check out what all the fuss is about.


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