Tatono: “Paradise EP” – is a freely majestic excursion

The Bend, Oregon-based Tatono began his journey at the young age of 17, when he played drums in high school garage bands. Since then, he’s gone from self-proclaimed band geek to a talented producer who finds himself inspired by the likes of Moby and Thievery Corporation. His travel-inspired music is created while he explores the world himself, before he incorporates his own filming for breathtaking self-composed videos. Tatono’s music has been featured across many travel shows and on highly acclaimed YouTube channels. His 2017 album, ‘Wanderlust,’ entered the Top 100 Worldwide iTunes Electronic charts. There is simply nothing more welcoming to the ears than a new Tatono record. That’s what I learned on my first listen.

Slathered with colorful rhythms and dripping with chillingly epic atmospheres, Tatono newest creation, “Paradise EP” is a freely majestic excursion into the depths of worldly and otherworldly sound. The EP title could not be more appropriate, as the recording could easily fit flawlessly as the soundtrack to an all-embracing globe-trotting escapade lasting months.

The inclusion of ethnic sounding electronic elements is no foreign concept to Tatono, but nor is it any predominant requirement. The lusciously warm synthesizer beams scan themselves across the sound spectrum being produced.

The focal point of each composition, however, remains the pressing sonic narratives signature to the Tatono’s style. Just as it’s true that “every picture tells a story,” every single note of Tatono’s music paints that picture. Resulting in you being transported, both aurally and visually to faraway places of spectacular design.

From when the opening track, “Lost In Purpose”, slides in, Tatono shows tirelessly that the presence of perfect instrumentation is a key component of his vision. As is the vibrant rhythms in support of the sentient melodies.

Teasing guitar strums and chiming keys introduce “Meraki”. The composition gives us the impression of emerging out of fully organic components. The structure is kept minimal, but steadily moving through constant evolution to maintain the listener’s interest.

At the root, these are electronically produced instrumentals, but taking an overall perspective there is truly so much more happening within the confines of the record. The sound spectrum of

“Paradise” is carefully segmented, implementing distinct sections through which it’s instrumental and production components highlight themselves and bask in their own, natural beauty. Clearly inspired by Tatono’s own expeditions, each track drips the composer’s personal touches onto its according audio canvases.

“Paradise EP” is a work of serious merit from a producer both comfortable within his self-defined musical boundaries and eager to push against them in all possible directions to achieve his sound. His ear for that intangible sonic space between steady chill and forward progression ambiance is stronger than ever on “Sheikah” and “Calypso”.

Each track has its own distinct identity and flavor, while blending into the whole of the EP. The range of instruments, sounds and rhythms are indeed impressive. The “Paradise EP” is lush, multifaceted, and delicious to the ears. The only elements able to match the deep, melodic and rhythmic sound of this album is the resonant quality and excellent production of each track.


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