Loic Rich: “The Sunrise EP (The St John Sessions)” – Unpretentious, skillful, and authentic

Loic Rich is a County Councilor and the ex-Mayor of Truro City in Cornwall, United Kingdom. But that’s just one facet of his shine, Loic has also been building up a strong following in Cornwall and the West Country over the past few years as a singer-songwriter and performer. The indie alt-folk artist has recently dropped his first official release entitled “The Sunrise EP (The St John Sessions)”. And it’s a sterling attempt to say the least. How many artists do you know will have the courage to make their official debut on a live recording, done with an acoustic guitar, a single microphone and one Marshall Amplifier? The 4 track EP released via jynnji, was recorded during February of this year in one take.

Live performances are usually something very special. Sounds like an empty phrase, but it isn’t. We get to see the singer and his songs in their purist form. The nuanced meditations, the guitar play, the unique voice, the poetic and heart-warming lyrics – they’re all laid bare for devoted fans of the craft.

If you are looking for something to rock on down the highway with this is not what you are looking. If you are looking for finely crafted music then you have found it. Once you really listen to it, it just seems to engage all of the senses. Beautiful music, and beautiful words. Unpretentious, skillful, and authentic.

This is the type of recording that won’t fade with time because it is heartfelt and genuine. No false praise. I do not know the artist nor would I recognize him if he walked past me in the street. From when the Ep opens with “Man Overboard”, the tracks are simple, moving, and somehow familiar, like they have been missing from the soundtrack of your life.

After the carefree, upbeat strum of the opening song, Loic Rich takes it down a notch with “Pollyjoke”. It’s just him and a finger-picked guitar, and yet it is surprisingly intricate and definitely addicting. It’s mostly for the lyrics about a brown-haired girl and Loic’s tender yet resonant voice, and the sound is affecting.

This is something you listen to when you are really tired of all the noise that passes as music on your blaring radio. Then “Sunrise” came up, and the sound alone had me hooked. It wasn’t until a few more listens that I even paid attention to the lyrics, and then it was a full-blown addiction. His verses hit upon familiar touchstones without lapsing into cliché.

Whether you’re a fan of alternative acoustic folk music, or just a lover of transcendental poetry, you’ll be attracted by this song. With a gentle vocal delivery and fluid musicianship, Loic’s sense of melody makes each of the songs on this EP instantly accessible.

The lyrics, sung warmly and soulfully on “Big Ship St Agnes” forms part of probably the best showcase for Loic’s vocal prowess on the entire recording. His wail resonates with gravity and sincerity, and every word is able to ring as clearly as if being played from a studio recording.

If nothing else, “The Sunrise EP (The St John Sessions)” is a testament to an artist with an incredible ear for song structure and simplicity, as well as atmosphere and emotion.


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