Lord Conrad: “Fight Till The End” will work you into a musical frenzy!

The Electro House genre can be wild and fun, bouncy and electric. It’s the type of music that makes you feel pumped up for what’s happening.  While it’s a genre that you’re more likely to hear on the main stage there are plenty of artists creating these energizing tracks that transcend where you might be when you hear them. One such artist is Italian DJ, producer and model Lord Conrad. Currently on a home run, with a handful of crossover hits like “Touch the Sky”, “Day After Day” and “1 Minute” propping up his catalog, the Italian producer has just released his pure dance track “Fight Till The End”.

The starts with monotone vocal adlibs, almost robotic, and that consistent drop kick creating the baseline. A slight pause and then the distorted riff followed by the same robotic vocals again. The bpm is perfect for tapping your foot to the beat.

The infectious keyboards have you humming its tune before you even know what’s happening. This fun track is the best way to start a party. It’s a bouncy back and forth bassline creates a solid rhythm. Then the repetitive synths will for sure have you putting your hands up in the air.

No matter where you are, once you feel the rhythm to “Fight Till The End”, you’ll be tapping your foot to the consistent beat. But it’s the type of song you should enjoyably dance to rhythmically, or just jump up and down if that’s the best you can do.

Ultimately it’s a blend of that grimy synthetic beat which showcases the energy of Electro House.  It also represents the moment when the energy of the main-stage catapults the genre into the unknown. It’s a party’s lifeblood and will keep you bumping late into the night.

If you like the energy, if you enjoy the squeal of the lead from Electro House, and you love your four-to-the-floor beats, you’ll dig this one. It’s no surprise that a Lord Conrad spans multiple genres throughout his releases.  He is no stranger to enticing listeners to his varied sets – but one thing rings true in his performances – the foundation of Electro House.

As soon as to “Fight Till The End” comes on you can almost anticipate the direction it’s taking. No lyrics but such an electric energy brings the party to the table. Electro House is the catchy, fun part of electronic dance music.

“Fight Till The End” is brimming with both clean and dirty sounds, tactfully chosen to make you shake your backside. The real appeal of Lord Conrads composition is that it requires minimal pre-listening before you are humming along to the synth melody and moving your body to the rhythm of the beat, as if you have heard it all before.

Somehow, it’s as if  Lord Conrad has infused the track with elements of something refreshing that nostalgically reminds us of that first time when we let the power of a dance beat work us into a musical frenzy. Simply brilliant!

Official Website: http://www.lordconrad.com/
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UfXd-b2VsIg8UUd3YFJMw
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Conrad.Lord1
Facebook FanPage: http://www.facebook.com/lordconradnasdaqgod
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lordconraditaly/
Into Japan Top Music: http://topmusic.jp/product_info2.php?products_id=1617&mihon=1#
News: http://www.lordconrad.com/news


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