Pink Sound Machine deliver impeccably precise grooves!

The project Pink Sound Machine which kicked off in 2017, considers itself as a kind of melting pot, influenced by several different genres like House, EDM, Funk, and Chillout. Their 14 track album “FIRST” drops the 2nd of November 2018, and will be available on all major digital download stores. We previewed a couple of tracks recently and were blown away. Man, these guys get it. They have the whole modern electro thing down to a tee with impeccably precise grooves. One thing I really like about Pink Sound Machine is that they truly care about the music they create.

If you listen to their songs multiple times, you’ll pick up on different instruments you didn’t notice before. That’s because they spend a great amount of time adding multiple layers of incredibly effective music. If you your hips don’t start moving by the time these songs are over, you might want to check your pulse because you’re probably dead.

When the funky synth-bass opens “Big Waves”, it’s enough to drag even the biggest stick-in-the-mud out to the dance floor. Pink Sound Machine’s music is stuffed with endless glistening keyboard riffs, sputtering synthesized basslines, robotic beats that still manage to groove naturally.

They are so deft in replicating the sound and spirit of their retro fascinations, while the production is so tight and the songwriting so spot-on that any one of their tracks would blow up a dancefloor.

“Uptown Dancing” starts off in high gear with the swagger-meter registering off the charts as soon as the electric piano cuts into the track. The deep keys drive the song, also with some retro nuggets from the bass and beat machine to give the track that suave feeling.

Pink Sound Machine has that convincing tone to their music that keeps it interesting and keeps their sound from just becoming a novelty. It’s a rare achievement: a breakthrough that enriches the electro-funk revivalist sound rather than watering it down for the masses.

Like Mark Ronson and Jamie Lidell, Pink Sound Machine also have a meticulous ear for the sonic particularities of their influences, but they’re able to it into something totally fresh. A good Pink Sound Machine track always has a statement of impeccable taste.  Listen to how they treat the straight-laced electro rhythms of “Rising House” or the guitar-infested cinematic soundscape of “Time Machine”.

Music of this nature, with no vocals, except for some adlibs, requires sharp pop instincts to be successful, and tracks like “S+L My Love” and “Summer Rain” prove that Pink Sound Machine are able to create magic within their genre-blends, even when they’re retreading familiar rhythms and sounds.

From Ibiza to Miami and NYC, Pink Sound Machine single-handedly have a vibe that embodies what a party should sound like. This music plays to mischief, sultriness, and humanity’s ultimate desire to let loose and groove, whether you’re dancing or just chilling.


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