Will Adams: “Ribbons Ties and Bows” understands the subtleties of poetry

Will Adams is a songwriter, pianist, guitarist, vocalist and a fiddle player. Will has lived in the mountains of Massachusetts all his life and been performing on and off for a number of years in the Western Massachusetts area. He has released a vast amount of music on various music platforms, in the most disparate styles, ranging from complex neo-classical pieces to simple folk songs. The simple musical arrangement on “Ribbons Ties and Bows” features a crisply picked acoustic guitar, which complement’s Will’s perfectly executed soft melody. He is an artist with love in his heart, wisdom in his mind, and peace in his soul; qualities that he injects into every song he writes. With his music, it’s almost as if Will treats his audience like a diary, telling them his deepest thoughts and emotions, hoping they would learn something from him.

Will Adams’ melody is powerful while being understated and simple. He understands the subtleties of poetry; listen to the perfectly nuanced intonations behind the lyrics. As a seasoned storyteller and musician, Will is uniquely able to sing life into characters.

As a very introspective musician, the story of Will’s life can be traced through his music. Out of all his creations, I feel that his greatest character is himself. I believe that many of his songs deal directly with his own life and experiences, though he doesn’t explicitly tell us as much.

Will’s music allows him to tell the story of his own life; sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s lovely. In any case, it’s Will Adams at his most bare and interesting. The hidden implications behind his songs, however, are almost always deeper than the average love ballad.

Many of his most vulnerable moments are also captured in his music, whether its piano pieces or mellow acoustic folk musings. It’s impossible to know exactly what his lyrics are referring to on each occasion, but knowing how Will expresses himself musically, it’s easy to see how his songs might navigate the burden of his sentiments.

In this sense “Ribbons Ties and Bows” is full of hopeful, romantic allusions. Present too is the unassuming tone of his comforting voice that brings such attention to the cryptic verses.

Will Adams avoids slipping into the cliches of his genres, and sustains my interest through his depiction of the alternate sides of his romantic vision – one utopic, and another that encompasses a world populated by lonely people who manage to miss making their connection.

It is his ability to sustain both approaches that marks him as a superior talent. Will Adams ideally belongs to the category of timeless songwriters, and typically should have been producing music in what is arguably considered the most fulgent period for songwriters and lyricists: the early 70s.

But that’s only if you consider music from a commercial and marketing standpoint, egoistically speaking, from a listener’s point of view. Will Adams is perfectly fine where his is right now.


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