Lady Donli: The fusion of creative super powers

Exchanging Creative Super Powers:

One of the most multifarious collaborations of 2018. Lady Donli and Saigo No Shudan are set to release a one of a kind video this fall. Lady Donli will be the first Nigerian artist to ever collaborate with Saigo No Shudan. Saigo No Shudan is Japanese Animation company. The fusion of these creative super powers created an unbelievable music video. The music video is to her hit song Games. Games is a Neo-Soul tune with an infectious house beat. The infectious beat combined with Saigo No Shudan’s style of animation will take you on a cosmic journey.  This unique collaboration is set to take the stage Mid-November with a soft premiere in London on November 2nd. Artist like Lady Donli are transcending borders to create magic and empower female creatives globally.

Emergence Of Lady Donli:

A trendsetter, feminist, and multifaceted creative, Lady Donli is in a lane of her own.

The emerging Neo-Soul artist hails from Nigeria. She is currently based in the UK and travels globally sharing her music and performing live. This energy is only a small reflection of her forth-coming album. Lady Donli just wrapped her first major tour and is gearing up for something bigger and better. Lady Donli successfully completed shows across Canada, US, Africa, and UK. I had the opportunity to sit-down with Lady Donli and delve deeper into her music, life, and mind.

What is Lady Donli’s message? What are you trying to say to the world?

– My debut album is called Enjoy Your Life and I think with that I’m trying to preach about self love and the importance of trying to enjoy your days. I’ve experienced some loss this year and it’s made me understand just how important every day is. With my older songs, I’m mostly taking about toxic love and getting yourself out of toxic situations, so I guess it all boils down to self love. Love is important, it makes us better. I think that’s mostly my message.

Socially, How do you use your platform to change the existing climate of the world?

– I think I’m never scared to say what’s on my mind and fight for the things that I believe in. When I feel strongly about something, I speak about it or I sing about it. I think my next project is pretty introspective, I’m talking about issues that matter to me. One is love, but I’m definitely talking about feminism and empowerment. A bit about climate change as well. It’s like people are already listening to the music, so maybe I can make them listen even closer.

Do you believe artist should use their music as a gateway to fight systematic issues? 

– Sometimes, depending on the conditions you’re in. I don’t think people should have to box themselves, because when you’re making music you’re expressing yourself. So I can’t tell people how properly to express themselves, but I think when you’re in certain climates you need to speak about things that are affecting the world you’re in.

How different will your next album be from your last and who can we expect to hear on it?  

– As I said, I’m not sure about collaborations yet. I’m recording about 30 songs and picking 13, so up till now I’m not even sure what songs will make it but sonically this album is different from anything I’ve ever created. I’m delving back into my roots for this one, there’s songs in my native Language (Hausa), there’s a lot of music influenced by Circa Africa. I’m excited, I’m singing in different ways, I’m rapping a little bit. It’s sides of me that people haven’t really heard. Sides of me that I’ve been working on

What drives you to keep making art when facing adversity in life? 

– it’s the main way by which I express myself. When I’m sad, I write, when I’m happy, I write. I inadvertently create. It’s one of those things that comes naturally to me, and I’m not much of a talker. So when I’m not in a good place, I occupy my mind by creating. Painting, writing. I don’t do much recording but I’m always writing.

What would you like to say to young artist that look up to you? 

-Self expression is important. Find the outlet that works most for you and let it out.

The world needs more artist that speak their truth, channel authenticity, vulnerability, activism, and originality. Lady Donli is a super star on the cusp of great things. Follow Lady Donli’s journey via social media @LadyDonli.

– Written By: Marissa Yotes

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