Emmanuel Dalmas: “Shoot Me To The Stars” is perfectly catchy!

For one of the world’s more versatile music producers, a new track is a big deal and is undoubtedly going to be put under the microscope, as is customary with all the genre changes in the industry these days. So, was the wait worth it? Has the French producer delivered? Read on to find out. The fact that Emmanuel Dalmas is a versatile producer, probably means that he’s also a sought after producer. This time Dalmas switches right across the board from his last Country-styled outing, as he looks to break into dance music with the track “Shoot Me To The Stars”.

So, it comes as no surprise that he would feature a mainstream sounding vocalist on a more Pop/EDM sounding track. This time around, Gabriela Flores makes the cut and she arrives with a resonant and catchy vocal style, which is a much welcomed change to the usual heavy-handed genre voices.

The tune is quintessential Dalmas: warm keys, fat synths, snappy bassline and easy to learn lyrics with a killer hook. It’s an absolute banger and one of the producer’s best. It’s incredibly crossover and club orientated, and different from anything Emmanuel Dalmas has ever produced.

It’s great to know that he is capable of making music like this and that he’s not just a one trick pony. The track reveals the true power that is Dalmas’ production skills. It’s hard to deny someone with a pedigree like his and it definitely gets the honorary mention for one of the better tracks in his catalog.

To keep his wave of influence in full force, “Shoot Me To The Stars” puts forth Dalmas’ taste-making abilities at its finest.  The track has the kind of music that EDM fans can listen to in any environment. It’s perfectly catchy, has good buildups, and would be a great song to jam to at any event.

It is certainly far better than what I had expected and certainly far more interesting than anything I could have hoped for from Emmanuel Dalmas who is not specifically and EDM producer by nature. This is EDM produced in a style that only people with a wider vision like Dalmas can create. I’m reminded of the not too distant days when music was a simple longing, when there were less complexities and music was the priority.

There were no egos and no attitudes. The unadulterated pleasure of enjoying music in an effort to experience new sounds is an art that has been lost for some time now. Emmanuel Dalmas kind of brings that feeling back, with a song that is uplifting, clever and catchy without all the production pretentiousness that are a common thing in a highly competitive genre.

Dalmas is simply trying to make a good song, he is not trying to be a cynic or genre basher. Through sounds, tones, vibes and carefully chosen words, Emmanuel Dalmas creates pure bliss with “Shoot Me To The Stars”. There is no doubt that Dalmas has outdone himself in his quest to leave his comfort zone and discover yet another genre outlet for his creativity.

MORE ABOUT: Emmanuel Dalmas is a multi-genre music composer from the South West of France. A company founder and high level executive in the scientific industry he started composing in late November 2016 as a weekend hobby, and continued feeling an intense growing pleasure in learning more and progressing in music composition. Dalmas has since been consolidating both his craft and catalog, with a series of single releases that move between Pop, Easy Listening, EDM, as well songs in his native French tongue. From his home studio Emmanuel produces instrumental and vocal tracks, engaging talented male and female voices to complete his projects, which in turn are available for both commercial and non-commercial use by directly contacting the composer via his social media links.


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