F. C Works: “Space Chill Sounds” – thick beats with enticing synth motifs

Spanish electronic music producer, F. C Works (Fran Cifuentes). Started out deejaying at seventeen before going on to study music theory and percussion in Albal, Valencia. He also studied with composers and producers Ben Beiny, Ricardo Curto and J.M Aboga, at the Yamaha Music School. In his compositions F. C Works combines classic retro synth styles together with modern flavors. With four albums, three remixes and two singles under his belt, F. C Works’ music has been used by RBA and National Geographic, as well as appearing on innumerous Spotify playlists. His latest release, is the 18 track album entitled, “Space Chill Sounds”. The album is a true glimpse into the workings of the mind of the Spanish producer. Combining ambient music, chillout melodies and downtempo beats with organically infused undertones, this album is truly a treat for the senses that transports the listener to a world of pure, unadulterated bliss.

“Space Chill Sounds” exudes a melodic space and creates an other-worldly atmosphere where the listener becomes thoroughly entrenched in the celestial cosmos F. C Works manifests throughout the impeccably polished and sometimes calming, somethings rhythmic, sounds, which purvey diverse tracks.

The opening track, “Ask To Me” sets an exotic middle eastern tone and rhythm, while providing an airy melody complemented by F. C Works exquisite use of the synthesizer throughout to accentuate the subtle, experimental tones that build upon the earthy bass-driven foundation of the track as a whole.

“Cielo Oculto” and “Colours” highlight F. C Works fusion of thick beats with enticing synth motifs. The producer effortlessly combines the eerie and the grounded; two nuances that seemingly contradict one another but synchronously coexist in these tracks.

Similar sensations can be experienced with “Dream” and “From the Stars”, where F. C Works’ command of the basslines prove to be stunningly catchy. He keeps the theme of the album in tact throughout while varying it enough to keep the listener interested, and also has movements within each song building up anticipation and calming down the listener to great effect, and ultimately relaxed and at ease.

F. C Works also creates subtle breakdowns mid-song without disrupting the tight grooves he has already constructed. This can be especially savored on tracks like “Just Me”, “Justo a Tiempo” and “One Minute”, among many others. The smoothness of the Spaniard’s production is extremely impressive, the brilliance of his different layers and varying sounds never go unnoticed.

We could also turn to songs like “Pandora”, “Space Inside”, “Space Of Sound” and “The Clear Space” to hear how decidedly chilled and flowing his sounds are. What keeps things out of the elevator is the album’s classic foundation and focused studio mix of the layered instrumentation.

There is a lot to love here on “Space Chill Sounds”, but the buzzing basslines truly stand out, as does the haunting keyboards and ambient backing. What attracts me to this music the most, is the heart and soul that is put into each and every track. F. C Works manages to fold each sound over immaculately produced beats, so that each track becomes a unique journey. This is a perfectly chilled out album for empty days and lonely night.


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