DaSkeeT: “Cheers to Real Love” – plenty of a pulse to dance to!

After evolving on the Chicago club scene in the early ’80s, house music exploded at the end of the decade to become the world’s leading dance genre. By the early ’90s, massive pop stars like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue were all incorporating elements of house music into their sound. House music is still filling dance floors today, and has spawned no end of sub-genres.  Here we have a rolling, hypnotic beat that combines with euphoric keys and anthemic vocals to create an EDM masterpiece that sounds as good in a gym at high noon, as it does on a packed dancefloor at midnight. The manic piano stabs, rushing rhythm and commanding voices provide a soundtrack for burning more calories than any exercise video ever will.

DaSkeeT, a project by Roscoe Hanner, in collaboration with track producer ACJBeats, and project manager J Cross has once again put together another fine example of electronic dance music. The springy piano chords, the kaleidoscopic synth stabs, the driving beat, they sound great as DaSkeeT puts his craft to it on “Cheers to Real Love”.

With its unashamedly rap-like verses and melodic choruses based around a couple of recurring but utterly hypnotic chants, this song rings out DaSkeeT’s floaty take on house loud and clear.

This could also be sound-tracked in countless big rooms across the land as the perfect example of house-leaning electro music which has plenty of a pulse to dance to.  Making for a multicolored rave odyssey that sounds deliciously heady.

If you’ve been to more than a handful of club nights, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll know that any DJ would be proud to drop this deviant dancefloor-filler. Bearing all the musical trademarks of its creators “Cheers to Real Love” is impossible to resist in a club. Or anywhere else, in fact.

Even one listen to its infectious, unrelenting groove and orgasmic tempo shifts is enough to understand exactly why I’m getting so excited here. Bona fide anthems are also fewer and further between these days, which is why it’s always good to see people pushing them back into the spotlight again.

It’s clear that the appetite for a true hands-in-the-air singalong remains strong, especially as we near the festive season. And with “Cheers to Real Love”, DaSkeeT gives us every possible reason to do so. He’s kept the lyrics simple and the chants strong, all you need to do is fall into the rhythm.

Working at the intersection of a whole lot of electronic flavors, the versatile DaSkeeT has shown a consistently deft touch in melding these styles into euphoria-drenched soundscapes that get listeners lifted.

And when it comes to his influences, he’s just as capable as channeling the rough and raw as he is the smooth and glossy. “Cheers to Real Love” is pretty much a perfect dance track. It’s fun, it doesn’t stop rolling, it’s full of groove and its luscious melodies and chants are sure to take you to that special place on the dancefloor.




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