Akreeg: “I Saw a Star” – a delicate euphoria!

“I caught myself wondering where you’ve been. I can feel you underneath my skin. You don’t need to hide from me. I’m not your enemy. I just can’t help but wonder how you’ve been, without me.” That’s the melodic start to Lithuanian producer, Akreeg’s, latest deep house track, “I Saw a Star”. The track offers catchy hooks, a singable melody, and steady piano-driven beat, all wrapped up in an adorable heart throbbing EDM mainstream package. Akreeg’s sound captures the warmth at the heart of the EDM trend, drawing out surprising emotional resonances from familiar sonic elements. This makes him a genuine symbol of the times where the genre brings new talents to the table on a daily basis, as well as one to watch in the future.

“I Saw a Star” mostly highlights a melodic feel-good core, and the spectrum of sounds found within is undoubtedly satisfying on the ear. I’m a sucker for the pop elements in EDM, and this provides yet another level of what up-and-comers must compete with. Producing tracks that gain attention is getting harder to capture in a market saturated with clones.

Akreeg manages to standout for his use of constraint, as opposed to the usual big drop bombast in electronic music. He builds the song slowly, adding levels of excitement in small doses, until he shifts a gear in the chorus. Akreeg showcases a musicality missing in some of today’s EDM chart toppers.

The same applies to the vocals. It’s gentle, nuanced and builds towards a delicate euphoria without ever turning into a blatant screaming anthem.  The smooth vocals blend perfectly with the elegant electronic backdrop created by Akreeg.

Rich with feel-good romantic vibes and the energizing drops of Akreegs synthesizers, “I Saw a Star” showcases the Lithuanian producer’s flair for immediately infectious crossover hooks.

That approach is heightened by the singer’s refined vocal gifts, which exude positivity and emotion in equal measure. Combining upbeat synths and dreamy vocals with a powerful yet submissive bass line, “I Saw a Star” displays Akreeg’s emotive songwriting

Lyrically, “I Saw a Star” offers an introspective view of longing and hope, while sharing an atmosphere that’s inspirational and uplifting. This could be a story drawn from many real life experiences. In fact, I think when people hear this song they will relate it to their own experiences, because everyone has ups and downs.

Relationships end, and too often former close companions, see each other as enemies, rather than just remaining friends. The chemistry in this song, along with Akreeg’s ability to intertwine vocals with a captivating melody, produces a track filled with ear-candy.

In the end, “I Saw a Star” is a perfect showcase of the skills that a newcomer in the scene can produce. Akreeg’s ability to combine the sounds of EDM today with his deep house roots coincided with his masterful songwriting capabilities make the track one of the must-have EDM single releases this year.


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