NASH: “Sins & Desires” evokes powerful images and excites moods

The songs by Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Ficorilli artistically known as NASH are powerful, evocative and stirring. They expresses the whole package of emotions that make up the experience at the heart of each song. You can sense the beauty, the fragility and moreover the seductive power of places and people. There must barely be an adult who does not know how that feels but it so rare to find an art form that succinctly captures it – “Sins & Desires”, the upcoming EP by NASH,  is one such form. There is real sense of honesty and boiling to the bone with this work. There is a positive, sensibility throughout, making the work captivating and self-affirming. It has all the hallmarks of a classic recording. The artist explained that the EP’s core theme is about dualism, and the title track “Sins & Desires” is a constant contrast between sin and desire. There is something about the way NASH puts it all to music that is never pretentious, yet forces you to stop and pay attention. Basically it gives you a glimpse of the contradictions inherent in ourselves.

NASH’s songs express emotions in such a lush and sensuous manner that you begin to wonder if he has a supernatural ability to see and translate all things relating to emotions. The guitar playing is simple, powerful, moody, and majestic on “Remember”, which discusses the theme of loss. Searching for words to describe this track is like trying to count the stars in the sky. There is a gradual almost epic-like progression throughout that sends the listener on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Another magnificent thing about it is the range of instrumentation and musical arrangements. Every element of this EP shines, especially the composition of the tracks themselves and the selection of songs. This recording, unlike so many today, is a complete musical idea, instead of merely a set of songs.

NASH’s voice is expressive enough to ignore his lyrics and simply fall into the beauty of the music. That said, his lyrics are subtle and lush, weaving complex stories and complementing the music wonderfully. This is evident right from the sprawling title track “Sins & Desires”.

“Angel”, a song written during a road trip from Pittsburgh to Nashville  feels as intimate and raw as anything NASH will always feel, but it’s bolder and braver, more self-assured on its piano-driven foundation.

“New York”, relies upon the heartfelt lyrics, raw vocals, and dynamic guitar progressions that are true to NASH’s style. This track is also the EP’s lead single. In a word filled with Top 40 bubble gum pop, it is so refreshing to still see that music like this exists.

The best way to describe the “Sins & Desires” EP, is fearless, because NASH takes the road less traveled by other up-and-coming singer-songwriters. His vocal range is vast; his musicianship excellent; but it’s the crafting of the songs at which he truly surpasses most of his contemporaries.

Pure and intense. It seems as if NASH sits down with you in the room and tells you his stories like you were an old friend of his. His entrancing, poetical, dramatic lyrics and music, evoke powerful images and excites moods, as only real art can. NASH has always been fascinated by American culture, which is what is openly reflected throughout his music. He is especially inspired by New York and Nashville,

MORE ABOUT: Following his frequent stays in the United States, NASH opened a brand of restaurants / burgerries. The decision to become an entrepreneur with a passion for American food forced him to abandon the university where he studied economics. But he also cultivated another passion, which he began to embrace during a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2017. Francesco was so fascinated by what some call ‘Music City’, that he finally decided to share his art with the world and to pay homage to the city, by calling himself NASH. Eight months later he returned to Nashville to record the EP “Sins & Desires”.


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