Craymo: ‘Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)’ leaps out and captures the ear of the listener

Currently burning up the APC Euro Indie Music Charts is the track, ‘Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)’ by Indie Orlando, Florida singer-songwriter Craymo. It is a song about life in the fast lane, a reminder to slow down, live in the moment and enjoy life. The track is dedicated to Craymo’s Dad, Bob Raymo, who passed away in May of 2018. ‘Take It Slow’ was one of his Dad’s favorite sayings back in the 1970’s.  On first listening to the song and then watching the video, an undeniable fact emerges; Craymo has serious talent. Talent for songwriting, composition and showmanship; a triple threat in every sense. Judging by his screen performance, he is a magnetic personality, but his music deserves the attention too, and on ‘Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)’, which is undoubtedly a strong pop-rock orientated effort, his abilities find a home on a consistent and entertaining release where he is at his most playful, humorous, and insightful.

The lyricism has depth, and there is an earnestness, particularly in relation to the track’s title, that layers the song with a sincerity the verses have copious amounts of.  It is an upbeat track with real heart, capitalizing hugely on Craymo’s range and striking a balance between the rock, EDM and pop vibes without ever really settling on one side of the fence, which is perfect.

This is a touching composition with a simple yet gracefully penned melody, which recycles its earnestness to make the party machine sound seem somehow vulnerable and human too.

Clearly Craymo is a very good songwriter, ‘Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)’ shows that he has a formula for pop-rock songs that will be remembered. Hence he will no doubt be attracting audiences. The production on the other hand helps make the song quite pleasing on the instrumental front.

There are no huge pounding bass riffs to ruin the song, no mad guitar solos, and no huge double bass drum beats, or any other ear-aggravating electronic music tricks often used to mask less than talented artists.

Instead, what is there, is some sublime heart-pounding rhythmic passages, some shimmering synths, a funky bassline, and some great backing vocals. All of which fit Craymo’s artistic package perfectly.

There are plenty of great pop moments on this single that prove Craymo is someone worth paying attention to. He consistently colors this catchy tune with an enchanting sense of humor and style. Generally speaking, this song leaps out and captures the ear of the listener throughout.

Craymo is the focal point but the backing musicianship also keeps the bar very high. ‘Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)’ showcases many facets of this artist while presenting the listener with a memorable experience, and most certainly a joyful way to commemorate to his Dad. This song will probably stick in your mind for a while.

I recommend this to people looking for more than the run of the mill pop nonsense of today, but who still enjoy catchy choruses, a great upbeat rhythm, as well as meaningful lyrics and musical substance.


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